9384 FG 7503 Georgano

9384 FG 7503 ng pvt 002, Another car from the first batch of Speed Twenties, carries VDP body no 1761. FG is a Fife registration so was presumably ordered via Galts, the Scottish Alvis distributor, but supplied by Charles Follet, as he had exclusive sales rights to all Alvis with VDP coachwork. The club knew little about the car until an AOC member bought it in 1967, held it for 5 years and passed it on to the great Alvis enthusiast, the ex-Chairman of Fisons, Sir George Burton. The last record we have is of the car moving to David Sunderland in Lancashire in 1990. The photograph was taken in 1972 at Beaulieu.
The headlights look curious as someone has converted the originals to a pair of early dipping reflectors to obtain double dipping – this must have been done before the invention of twin filament bulbs, when solenoid operated dipping reflectors became redundant.
The 1932 model year SA VDP sports were not fitted with external door handles and the doors were quite small and well inset into the coachwork, in true vintage style. The single modern driving lamp is aimed rather high (good for reading finger post signs after dark!) and the long trumpet horns are not original. The ‘flat’ radiator is evident behind the stone guard.

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