KY 5837 Firelfy Georgano

11065 KY 5837 Firefly ng pvt 005 – This very rare Cross and Ellis “Special 2 Seater” was despatched to B Waterhouse and sons in Bradford on 16 December 1933. It has not been heard of since 1972, when it was in the hands of then member D.D. Knight. This beautiful car was also photographed at Crystal Palace in May 1961.

One thought on “KY 5837 Firelfy Georgano”

  1. Gentlemen, I have the body of this Firefly, purchased from Wm Beattie from Argyle. He used the chassis to make a hot-rod with Riley engine, and I picked up the body with rear wings but no running boards nor front wings The body is now mounted on a 12/50 chassis (extended to suit) and is ready for painting It is a glorious looking car as the script says and now has new aluminium wings front and rear but no running boards I have the picture referred to from Crystal Palace but it is not a good one If the Georgano Collection has more pics I would love to view them and especially if there is one with a hood, because it is currently a struggle to see how we can aesthetically design one Simon Fisher knows this story and is aghast that such a lovely car was junked for the sake of a hot rod If anyone is interested I can send pics of the car now

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