Additions to the Collection

The continuous process of cataloguing existing and incoming material has inspired some more new pages and additions to existing ones.

23574 TB14 ECL 123 Georgano Beaulieu March 1978

The Nick Georgano Collection of photos now has its own page and related articles – click Georgano

Retrieved from the Herbert is this photo from 1967…

Sammy Davis aged 80 1967 NAD Crystal Palace with Gerry Dunham – Ernest Shenton can be seen over the G


In order to test our latest donation of a VCR to complement our DVD playing monitor we found this in our VHS library……


which works very well…..To read about Sammy’s part in the 1929 Le Mans race click Sammy Davis

This photo from a viewer also completed the page on Police cars with some nice stories…

26734 3333 NE and Wolseley 6/110 5229 ND Police driving school skid pan

Click on Police cars

We have also been busy collating Aero material and this publicity photo from 1956 when Leonides engine production was at its peak poses the question – can you identify this plane?

Aero engines

New Year – new pages

We start the year with a 40 page compilation of articles on the Alvis that might have been, the TA350 – click TA350We are holding a package of photos and documents for the current owner of this TC21 from the family of a previous owner who had restored it. The car had been previously the subject of an article The Shuttleworth Collection

New owners in 2000, but last heard of in Shrewsbury.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas

My true loves sent to me

Twelve tappets chattering,

Eleven spokes a-rattling,

Ten cables fraying,

Nine joints with play in,

Eight hoses leaking,

Seven springs a-creaking,

Six perished plug-leads,

F i v e   o l d   r i n g s  –

Four cross-threaded bolts,

Three scuffed tyres,

Two worn wiper-blades,

And an old clapped-out battery.

ERIC STAPLETON – 1977 AOC Bulletin 287

Yet more to see at Bowcliffe

We have withdrawn our deposits with the Herbert in Coventry who have carefully conserved them for many years. So Christmas came early, opening eleven boxes of goodies, all wrapped in white paper and tied up in string, these are a few of our favourite things…..

The big boxes included Photo Albums 1-5 which we published in digital form six years ago. Now we can enjoy looking through the physical version. See Albums

Hidden away for far too long were these items presented to the AOC in 2001, the Jubilee year.

Chairman Arthur Fairburn receives the plaque from Richard Tonkin






Arthur receiving the ACC plaque from Richard Budd

Ken Cameron with the Richards

….and from our Dutch friendsEven older, is this..

These will be on display at Bowcliffe in 2019, the start of the Centenary Year.

A section of Instruction and Parts books
A different Apprentice Badge


How many are left?

A new Follower this week had a familiar name and following several email exchanges has ended up with a fascinating story of survival of a rare Speed 20 model with the inevitable question, how many are left? To read the full story click BXL 835.

Coen van der Weiden asked about the survival rate of the 95 TE21 dropheads produced. The survival statistics published by Red Triangle, on display at the NEC last month, show 83% of all TEs surviving. This is based on the assumption that if a car has been spotted within the last twenty years, it probably still survives. Having recently collected the 352 TE records for the archives, and checked a sample of licence and mot records, there is a significant number of “can’t be sure” cars. There are cars not on DVLA records for a number of different reasons. If you know of a TE21 that has definitely been scrapped or is still around but not DVLA registered, please write to us, click

Unfortunately the fascinating website howmanyleft does not include Alvis cars.

The long awaited release of the Alvis Car Club badge has arrived, click badge for details of how to purchase from the Alvis Owner Club.

The last post on Alvis Apprentices produced some positive feedback and in particular a comment from Mike Dunn.