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We are constantly receiving new archive material and rediscovering stuff we already had while installing ourselves at Bowcliffe Hall. To record all this activity, well the interesting bits anyway, there are some new and updated pages.

First, thanks to a new photo from Chris Taylor, the Speed 20 SA now has it own page,click on Speed 20 SA

Another new page provides an update of the Australian Tour in March 2019, click on Centenary

For the other things of interest but not yet worthy of a dedicated page, click on Jottings


The 3½ Litre and Freestone & Webb

Having covered the less expensive 1930s models in the last two posts it is now the turn of the most expensive introduced in 1936 as a bespoke model, the 3½ Litre with model designation SA25.63.

Alvis turned to coachbuilders Freestone & Webb and commissioned four cars to be given the full publicity treatment. The result is covered on two new pages – click on Freestone & Webb and 3½ Litre

If you have any information on Alvis with Freestone & Webb coachwork we would like to hear from you.

The Silver Crest

The recent sale of a nice looking Silver Crest at H&H Duxford for a modest price reminds us that this often overlooked model, introduced as a more affordable large Alvis, is still a rare find. A new page covers the model in more detail, click here

We have also received a 1930s film of a Silver Eagle in (mis)use click on ALFLIX

An expanded album of IAW photos is now on a new page click on IAW 2017


The 12/70

We have published a new page for the 12/70, the last four cylinder model before the war stopped car production. It was the subject of the last printed AOC Model Register in 2009. Often the choice of the special builder, a tired Mulliners saloon body was often discarded but a good number remain in original state. The last post sought the whereabouts of a 12/70. Where is FGW 398, last heard of heading back to the UK from the US? It was pictured in Automobile Quarterly Vol 16 in 1978 together with a saloon – where is DVC 84?

Click The 12/70 to go to the new page. If you have any information on the fate of any 12/70 please leave a comment. Photos of specials are especially welcome.


We have just acquired some 1970 films of National Alvis Day. They are in Standard 8mm format and to see what they contained we have rerecorded them digitally without attempting to clean them up.

These can be viewed on a new page ALFLIX together with a couple of new additions to our film library.

Speed 25 Update

If you own or have owned a Speed 25 please let us know. While there are over 100 25s with current AOC members the are at least 150 more that have been recorded with owners since 1953. Where are they now? Click UPDATE YOUR DETAILS

There are some additions this month with a 1938 article on the Speed 25 page about EXK 225, one of the many surviving Cross & Ellis Tourers, and new article on serial Alvis owner Sir George Burton can be found by clicking here.

To go to the Speed 25 page click Speed 25