Speed 25 Update

If you own or have owned a Speed 25 please let us know. While there are over 100 25s with current AOC members the are at least 150 more that have been recorded with owners since 1953. Where are they now? Click UPDATE YOUR DETAILS

There are some additions this month with a 1938 article on the Speed 25 page about EXK 225, one of the many surviving Cross & Ellis Tourers, and new article on serial Alvis owner Sir George Burton can be found by clicking here.

To go to the Speed 25 page click Speed 25

Author: alvisarchive

Driving Alvis cars since 1964 and the website since 2012

2 thoughts on “Speed 25 Update”

  1. My first Speed 25, the 1937 C&E tourer ANR244 is back in the UK (since 2010) with owner Les Baldwin. Dont think hés an AOC member.
    My second the 1938 SC Charlesworth DHC BGE 988 imported by me from the US was last heard recently for sale in the Newcastle région.
    My third also a 1938 SC Charlesworth DHC as advised on the AOC website recently with a photo in my ownership Originally SE5000 and known to have been repainted and reregistered but current owner not known by me

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