Your January Bulletin

We start the New Year with extracts from Bulletin 161 and a reminder of what we do….

preserve the Archives (any objects, information, or data relevant to Alvis vehicles, or personalities, of any era) which have belonged to the Alvis Owner Club;

obtain and preserve such further Archives as the Trustees think suitable and desirable;

allow access to the Archives by members of the Alvis Owner Club and anyone with an interest in Alvis vehicles ­­­­at such times and upon such terms as the Trustees shall reasonably decide”.

One of our completed projects is the digitisation of the Bulletins of the AOC which are still available on a DVD. If you would like to have one please leave a comment at the end of this post.

Alvis were still making cars in January 1967 and Bulletin 161 makes interesting reading:

25743 TC21/100 Tickford - does it survive?
25743 TC21/100 Tickford – does it survive?


161-p2161-p3-a161-p3161-p5161-p6 A Mr Trump is also selling his car this month …..161-ads

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