Oldtimermesse St Gallen

Walter and Ralph Schwarz flying the Alvis flag at Oldtimermesse St Gallen

Followers of http://www.Zwischengas.com may have spotted an Alvis umbrella in the report of St Gallen’s Classic Car Show, but no mention of any Alvis. However your roving reporter saw some and also bumped into several Alvis owners visiting the show in the rain. Inside the hall was an SA Speed 20 and an advert for a Fourteen woody, not seen in the UK for some time. Outside in the rain Rolf Huegli had brought his TD21 four door. Have you visited the Fourteen website? It has a new post about Le Mans, click on Fourteen

10074 SA Speed 20 MG 2269
TD21 four door Graber
TD21 four door Graber

On the same trip further Alvis related visits are described in Jottings and details of a Graber TC108G are in Cars seeking new custodians


The 3½ Litre and Freestone & Webb

Having covered the less expensive 1930s models in the last two posts it is now the turn of the most expensive introduced in 1936 as a bespoke model, the 3½ Litre with model designation SA25.63.

Alvis turned to coachbuilders Freestone & Webb and commissioned four cars to be given the full publicity treatment. The result is covered on two new pages – click on Freestone & Webb and 3½ Litre

If you have any information on Alvis with Freestone & Webb coachwork we would like to hear from you.

May Milestones

On 7th May the Alvis Owner Club published the Technical Compendia compiled by Nick Simpson on the AOC website and members can download them. This is a great resource for owners of Alvis cars pulling together the writings of owners and others since the cars were built. http://www.alvisoc.org/t/Members%20Only

Today, following agreement with and funding from the Alvis Owner Club, Neil Millington signed a lease on behalf of the Trust at Bowcliffe Hall, between Leeds and York, as the new home of the archives. Bowcliffe Hall was once the home of Robert Blackburn, pioneer aviator and serial Alvis owner. Later this year it will be possible to visit us, by prior appointment only.

During the course of the next twelve months we shall be applying for charitable status and we would like to thank those who have provided their advice and guidance during the process so far.

Bowcliffe Hall

Robert Blackburn, pioneer aviator and serial Alvis Speed 20 owner.



End Polio Now – the fight to end Polio Exhibition. We were pleased to be able to provide background information and photos of Capt G T Smith-Clarke whose iron lung innovation features in an exhibition in Bewdley Museum from May 12 until 16 July 2017. GTSC was born in Bewdley and his story is told in some detail in Ken Day’s fourth edition of Alvis – the Story of the Red Triangle. http://www.rotary-ribi.org/clubs/page.php?PgID=633389&ClubID=1684

On 14 May 2012  www.alvisarchive.com was launched.

On 23 May 1917 the company that was to become Alvis was established – T G John Limited. This name was used on Alvis engines (photo by Roger McDonald from “The Vintage Alvis”)

On 23 May 2017 our tenancy at Bowcliffe commences.




We like Discoveries, not just that bewildering array of Jaguar Land Rover products, but Alvis products that turn up from the past. In the last couple of weeks the Inbox contained details of a Speed 20 unknown for forty years and the new owner, Club member, knew more about it than we did. Sadly another chopped Charlesworth saloon to make a tourer. If owners don’t join the Club or use Alvis for their servicing and spares, their cars fall into the category of LHO (last heard of) a long time ago, state unknown.

We were also delighted to receive a photo of another TC108G Graber which hadn’t been heard of for a very long time, the history is coming our way shortly but probably falls into the category of long term family ownership. As all Grabers differ in detail the side profile is interesting, given it was completed in 1957.Another surprise was a request from Nigel Smith who is writing a book on Lancefield and wanted confirmation of the Alvis products which he had carefully researched in the VSCC library. We were able to confirm that seventeen Alvis are known to have been made but only two currently survive in the hands of Club members. A new page under the Coachwork section will appear shortly but if you have details of the history of any Lancefield Alvis, we and Nigel would be pleased to hear from you.Do you own a 1927 SD 12/50 Carbodies Beetleback registered  NF 6195? If so, an enquirer has some documentation for you dating back before 1982. Leave a comment if it is you or you know who owns it.

The trustees are meeting this weekend to review the past year and more importantly to determine what happens next. Sunday is St George’s Day and Drive-It Day and we shall be taking a few Alvis friends to the east coast to visit the Model Car Museum at Mumby, near Alford, and then take the sea air at Huttoft Car Terrace, the nearest you can get an uninterrupted view of the sea by car.




We have just acquired some 1970 films of National Alvis Day. They are in Standard 8mm format and to see what they contained we have rerecorded them digitally without attempting to clean them up.

These can be viewed on a new page ALFLIX together with a couple of new additions to our film library.

John Lang’s 30th

AOC members can look forward to the thirtieth Bulletin edited by John Lang in February with another 120 page bumper edition of news, articles and event reports from around the world. John follows a long line of Editors who work hard for club members to produce a substantial publication six times a year aided and abetted by a Managing Editor and proof readers. John, who lives in Australia, said “It has been a bit full on but I love Alvis people.  We have a fabulous club in Victoria (includes interstate & internationals) of which I am now in my 15 or 16th year as editor.  I enjoy the stimulation from the Bulletin in trying to make it work each couple of months and the people I communicate with overseas that otherwise I wouldn’t know existed. Just like having pen pals when everyone else these days has FB “friends.

John Lang in his front wheel drive
John Lang in his front wheel drive

While the internet can provide easy access to news and information the greatest asset of the Alvis Owner Club has always been a printed Bulletin you can touch, smell, pick up and read. Given the choice, most people still prefer to reach out and pluck a Bulletin from the bookshelf, but it is also nice to refer to any one of 563 editions at the click of a few keystrokes.

So what are you missing if you are not receiving Bulletin 563? Firstly, a long list of Alvis people waiting to help you enjoy Alvis ownership; news of the Club events; reports of Alvis owners’ activities, such as in France….

New members Dominique and Verena Fischlin with their prize winning TD21 on the Pa.ris Deauville rally: award offered by Rolls Royce for the best preserved car.
Swiss members Dominique and Verena Fischlin with their prize winning TD21 on the Paris Deauville rally: awarded by Rolls Royce for the best preserved car.
Evyonne and Daniel Fischlin won the Prix d' Elégance and Le Volant d'Or, with their Alvis Speed 20 SC 1934 - Paris - Deauville Rally 2016.
Evyonne and Daniel Fischlin won the Prix d’ Elégance and Le Volant d’Or, with their Alvis Speed 20 SC 1934 – Paris – Deauville Rally 2016.



14 Administration

9 Board Draft Minutes

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44 History

24 An Admirable Alvis- The Fourteen Part 2

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72 Chantilly Art & Elegance

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82 London New Year’s Day Parade

92 Brooklands New Year’s Day

96 Barn Find TB14

108 In the Workshop

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106 Does Your Clock Work?

108 TA21 Twin SU Conversion

AOC members might not have spotted that a new Membership List is available on members’ section of the AOC website as a 120 page PDF download. It does not include any car details as a census has yet to be completed. Members might like to check that their details are correct or in fact there at all and you should contact the membership Secretariat with any corrections. If you are not an AOC member but still own an Alvis do please update us by clicking on UPDATE YOUR DETAILS

Following comments from some readers that they found the Piano Black theme on the website a tad funereal and hard to read we have changed it – do you like it?

More items have been added to the site with new answers to ASK A QUESTION,  a Used Car Road Test on the TD21 page and the announcement of a power steering option on the TE21 page – you can navigate there from the index on the right of the page, or click on these links



What is ATE 20?

Where are 26444 & 26739?