New Year, new look

After nearly four years with the Titan theme we have had adopted a new look which is better suited to show off our photographs. We hope you like it. It’s called Piano Black.

We have received some more period photos which record the history of our cars some of which will be one hundred years old in the next decade (we keep being reminded!). This one is a taster for a fascinating article coming soon on early Alvis ownership and use – in this case a two Alvis owner in the 1920s, Bertram Rhodes, as told by his grandson John Archer.

Alvises (MB 7424 and MB 7425) at home in Hale in 1925

Alvises (MB 7424 and MB 7425) at home in Hale in 1925

From its current owner in Denmark comes a 1947 picture of a Speed 25 Charlesworth drophead with a long history of AOC members. A 2016 photo has been added to the Speed Models page gallery of Speed 25s.

14448 Speed 25 in 1947 when registered EGT 52

14448 Speed 25 in 1947 when registered EGT 52

The picture in the last post has been well commented from those with long memories and the current owner but there are still some faces as yet unidentified.

The Doug Woodrow Collection

We have received copies of a fine collection of 60s photos take by the late Doug Woodrow from Sue Woodrow. This one poses some questions…

Can you name the people, the car, the place and the date? At least one current AOC official is in the picure.

Can you name the people, the car, the place and the date? At least one current AOC official is in the picture.



Sue says:

“I think the car TWX 266 in the photo is probably the ‘Special’ belonging to Norman Routledge who had a garage at Seacroft near Leeds.  It is a long time ago but I think that is Norman at the wheel; Doug and I used to frequent his garage and on one occasion he offered the car to Doug for £200 as he was selling up and going to live in the Isle of Man.  We often came home with Alvis bits in the boot of our car which we had not actually bought but Norman thought Doug would like!  The car was very much ‘lightened’ but unfortunately Doug was too big/tall and could not get in to drive it consequently had to turn the offer down.  It was sold to John Wiggins near Thirsk and is now owned, I believe, by his son. The photo I believe was taken at Northern Alvis Day at Riccal in 1964/5.”

Now we all agree it is the Routledge Special, a search through the Bulletins shows that Norman appeared in 101 Bulletins with 156 mentions, several of these as adverts.

DVD search Routledge


More photos?

A project we would like to some help with is creating an ‘off-line’ index of Bulletin articles and photos. Eileen Goddin has already done this, on-line, for the Fourteen website. Some previous Bulletin Editors did produce indexes and so part of the job is done. Perhaps all Model Secretaries can do the same for their cars? The search facility on the DVD is very useful if you are looking for something specific – type ‘TA350’ and you will only a few Bulletins where it appears – but ask for Speed 20 and a lot of references are bound to be listed.

Some users have found some problems with the search facility. The DVD was set up using Adobe reader version 9.4. Newer versions of Adobe (such as DC) need you to enter SHIFT+ctrl+F for the search box to appear. Then, although nothing seems to happen, go away and do something useful and return in an hour or so when you will presented with a list of references to your requested search.

One disappointment is that we have not received the hoped for 200 photos for the Competition. We decided to keep the competition open and to now ask you to dig out those old photos or camera cards of events you have attended which have not been recorded in the Bulletin.

If you are scanning a print, please select at least 400dpi so it can be printed in a Bulletin or book. Digital photos should be emailed at a high resolution or at least ‘large document’ size. To be shown on the web a picture of an important car from a long time ago is very welcome at any resolution.

A regular contributor is Nick Simpson who has sent these in..

Alvis Stand London Show 1928 Front Wheel Drive

Alvis Stand London Show 1928 Front Wheel Drive

Alvis TA14 Brussels Salon 1949

Alvis TA14 Brussels Salon 1949


And finally, another gallery of thirty-one pictures in an album in the archives, newly scanned. Although they are at Crystal Palace can you say which year (1966?) and who took them? Some have been published in past Bulletins but no photographer is shown on the reverse.  Please click on the photos and leave comments on each. Once identified the photos are moved to the appropriate page.

NEC photo gallery

We enjoyed a great three day show, thanks to the owners who displayed their cars and the members and visitors who came and spoke to us on the stand.

NEC set up

Build up day with the Trust’s display boards


One corner complete

NEC Brian Symes

Brian takes a well earned rest

NEC build team 2016

Thursday evening – job done


David’s TF21 Drophead

NEC Graber osr

Graber TE21 cabriolet

NEC TE21 2015

TE21 drophread coupe


The Hewitt TF21 auto


The Willmott TF21 ex- Alvis Director’s car

NEC Alvis stand 3 250

Our Alvis stand 250 of five cars in Hall 3


Paul Chasney’s FWD on the Federation Stand

NEC 26664

Hurst Park sold this TD21 auto at the show

NEC 27246

Gaydon, Heritage Motor Centre’s Graber TE21 1965 model

NEC Monty Hewitt

Monty Hewitt getting ready for his turn at the wheel