Period dress

Models from the 1950s
Models from the 1950s

Who is the young lady wearing the latest in fashion – a dress with the AOC motif? Dave Culshaw writes “I am discounting Janet Davey from the photo, as Norman did not join until April 1962. However there are three possibilities, given the probable link with Heston 1956/7  Firstly the brothers Birks … members 13 and 718 respectively ( there was something about the latter in a Bulletin not all that long ago from an antipodean source). Then… John Brownbridge ( Member 55) had a daughter. The third possibility is Albert Armitt ( member 824)  A year or two back his daughter rang me in order to discover if his former Alvis  ( 21536 /JP6741 ) still existed. And yes, I located the car which was then in the Goole area. Of the three, I’d guess at JB, given his known outgoing nature, and flair for promotion.”

Further research show the car and girl in the 1959 Alvis Day film….here is a clip….

Have you visited the Fourteen website lately – – there have been some new posts and photos added.

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