One thought on “rivers fletcher collection 14317 4.3 EGT 51 13367 Speed 25 BVC 834”

  1. I have recently wondered where BVC834 is now. This is the car built for me in 1965/66 by the big Alvis enthusiasts Arthur Jinks and his nephew Colin Bullock in Peterborough. I have photos of it under construction
    and, of course, many others when it was in my ownership. I sold the car in 1977 to Ian Woolstenholmes, of ‘Woolies’ fame who was also the former owner of EGT51 when is was DUU900. Confused? This photo shows it alongside EGT511 (formerly DUU900) which is another Speed 25, not 4.3 built earlier by the same duo. EGT 51 is seen regularly in the Peterborough area where it is well known in local events. BVC 834 appears to have gone off the radar as it was last taxed in this country in 1993 which suggests it is either in a museum or has gone abroard.
    Both these cars were the subject of an article in the AOC Bulletin when they were driven in tandem from Peterborough to Yugoslavia in 1966 by myself and Ian W.

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