Rivers Fletcher

Among the many files we hold in the archives is one marked “Rivers Fletcher Photos” and they came to the top of the pile for scanning. Some are easier to identify than others and here are the ones we need help with….

rivers fletcher collection to identify
rivers fletcher collection to identify
rivers fletcher collection to identify
rivers fletcher collection Speed 25 Charlesworth Dhc

More of Rivers’ Speed 25 photos have been added to the Speed 25 page, click here

rivers fletcher collection 14317 4.3 EGT 51 13367 Speed 25 BVC 834 -where are they now?

A new page has been added to Alvis People, click on Rivers Fletcher

A selection of detailed photos taken by Tony Phillips-Smith of an SB Speed 20 Vanden Plas have been scanned by Chris Bluer and can be seen on the SB page, together with some photos from the new owner of the March Special in its restored condition and David Salter’s latest acquisition, click on BKP 564.

Some reproduction Vanden Plas plates are available from Steve Horne, click on VDP

Some new detail on the construction of the Three Litre prototype 3L2 has been revealed from the George Moseley collection which is held by the W O Bentley Memorial Foundation. Will Morrison has written an article on Harold Radford coachbuilders in the Bentley Drivers Club Review of February 2018 which also features the Speed 20 of Archie Scott-Brown.

The Silver Eagle of the month can be seen by clicking on Silver Eagle

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6 thoughts on “Rivers Fletcher”

  1. I remember a Speed 25 open tourer that he built in the late 1970’s/early 80’s…….built totally from original 1930’s new components that had been is store for years, but inevitably first registered late 70’s/early 80’s on completion, but as a period car. It was pale blue and I last saw it at Le Havre, returning to the UK, driven by it’s new owner. Can’t recall it’s Reg. No.

  2. The pointed tail special is the 4.3 ‘Brutus’ (EHP99 from memory). Don’t recall who build it by it went through a number of AOC / VSCC hands including Peter Woodley and Brian Chant

  3. The second down looks very much like a special based on a SA Twenty – radiator over the front axle line, typical SA grease caps – vertical rear bonnet shut line – the back wing had had a bash and out of line – no clue as to identity….

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