Racing drivers and innovations

Much new material has been added this month with articles on Major Harvey, Sammy Davis, innovations of the 1930s, and the 1999 Brooklands Exhibition.Photo galleries have been added for each item so that some previously published black and white photos can now be seen in colour.

The Crested Eagle was first to have ifs and a synchro gearbox. A pristine lubrication chart has been scanned, courtesy of Eric Ody, to add to the data on this model.

And as if there were not enough attractions at Bowcliffe Hall, another new one has flown in….Click on these links to open the new pages…..

Major Harvey

S C H (Sammy) Davis

Synchromesh Gearbox

Independent suspension

Crested Eagle Lubrication Chart

1999 Brooklands Exhibition

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5 thoughts on “Racing drivers and innovations”

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