Alvis entries in the Tulip Rally

The first Tulip rally was in 1949 and during the 1950s there were some Alvis entries. In 1954, Lincolnshire farmer J W E (Bill) Banks drove a TC21/100 saloon, 25385 registered MTM 1 to 6th place. Mr Banks was notable for becoming the UK distributor for the Dutch shock absorber manufacturer, Koni, fitted as standard by Mr Graber for his creations.

In 1955 Trevor Boothroyd with “Young Ron” Walton on board managed 83rd place in MLY 913 which survives in the custody of Peter Milne. The story of the search for “Emily” is told in AOC Bulletin 455, January 1999 and also appears in the 50th Anniversary Collection by Newby and Fletcher.

24312 MLY 913 Tulip
24312 – Peter Milne’s TA21 Tickford DHC enjoyed a past life as a Rally car in the Tulip Rally, evidenced by the extra windscreen mounted light and holes in the rear bumper where extra reversing lights were fitted.
1955 Tulip Rally Number 52 – photo Trevor Boothroyd via Peter Milne

In 1956 it was entered once again

1956 Tulip Rally Number 99
1956 Photos by Trevor Boothroyd via Peter Milne

Our Netherlands correspondent reports five Alvis among the Alfas, Volvos, Porsches etc. in the 65th Tulip Rally of 2018 see which starts on May 7th in the south of France

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6 thoughts on “Alvis entries in the Tulip Rally”

  1. Hello Please look on ERA Flying Scotchman Car no 63 16 th from 110 + Concours D:Elegance Gerry

  2. Does anyone know the Chassis Number and Engine Number of Entry 199, 1935 Crested Eagle Special? Or anything about Rudd Muller….

  3. Good morning, I have just noticed my recently acquired (via Norman Blundell) TA 14 drop head pictured in the TA 14 section, registration HSK 269. Not being a fan of unlined plastic hoods I have had it replaced and lined by Ian Roper in Ivybridge who has re-upholstered and re- hooded all my Alvis’s.

    I have also upgraded the indicators and rear lights and I am working on the wood trim and other restoration work. Once it stops raining I will, if I may, provide a current picture.

    Given the picture gallery of TC’s in the Archive I was surprised so few TA’s are featured.

    I have sold my two tone green TC21/100 DHC registration 206 JBC to Brian Johnston which is pictured in the Archive.

    Best wishes, Richard Bagge

    11123 SE


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