Newby Hall pictures

One of the north’s biggest gathering of classic cars included a wide range of Alvis from 1924 to 1967 entered from several clubs at Newby Hall, North Yorkshire…

2931 1924 12/50 200 mile racer
8436 12/50 8251 Silver Eagle and 2931 12/50 racer
8251 1930 Silver Eagle TB 16.95
8599 12/50 OY 294
9314 12/60TL UB 8680
9425 Speed 20 SA – Chris Taylor explains the niceties of the early Speed to Hugh Westlake
12898 Crested Eagle BXR 853
4 cylinders
15459 1270
15459 12/70
22556 MPH 926 TA14 Carbodies dhc
26162 and 26187 TD21s
26482 TD21 JB 3945
26948 TD21 Series 2 and 26181 TD21
Look! 27026 TE21 MHJ 674
27459 TF21 and 11260 Speed 20


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Driving Alvis cars since 1964 and the website since 2012

6 thoughts on “Newby Hall pictures”

  1. It is a delight to see so many Alvii on your excellent site. Something I notice about the TD’s ,TE’s and if there is one a TF’ is that their front number plate seems to be hard jammed up against their front bumper. I have always found that this masks the air scoop for the radiator and in this hot weather it does make a difference . I have my front number plate a good two inches below the Bumper. I never overheat…. well only once through altitude in the Pyrennees.

  2. I went to a British Car Day here a few years ago, where one Alvis was a FWD. A very low body, so low you’d easily touch the ground from the driver’s set by the look of it. Not a body that would win any beauty contests though.

  3. what a super location and great collection of cars
    I didn’t see any TC21/100’s
    I am restoring one of these from a “box of bits” so would be nice to see a complete car so I could take or get some pictures of how things should be

    1. Good luck with your restoration. I have a TC21, no 25183, which I bought in 1967 from a garage in Louth which went bust and towed home behind a Landie, George Jacklin in the driving seat and no floor!
      Don’t turn over the engine without the distributor and its spacer in situ or you’ll strip the gearing on the camshaft, which is why the garage in Louth went bust – I’ve two wrecked skew gears and camshafts!

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