Newby Hall pictures

One of the north’s biggest gathering of classic cars included a wide range of Alvis from 1924 to 1967 entered from several clubs at Newby Hall, North Yorkshire…

2931 1924 12/50 200 mile racer
8436 12/50 8251 Silver Eagle and 2931 12/50 racer
8251 1930 Silver Eagle TB 16.95
8599 12/50 OY 294
9314 12/60TL UB 8680
9425 Speed 20 SA – Chris Taylor explains the niceties of the early Speed to Hugh Westlake
12898 Crested Eagle BXR 853
4 cylinders
15459 1270
15459 12/70
22556 MPH 926 TA14 Carbodies dhc
26162 and 26187 TD21s
26482 TD21 JB 3945
26948 TD21 Series 2 and 26181 TD21
Look! 27026 TE21 MHJ 674
27459 TF21 and 11260 Speed 20


Author: alvisarchive

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5 thoughts on “Newby Hall pictures”

  1. It is a delight to see so many Alvii on your excellent site. Something I notice about the TD’s ,TE’s and if there is one a TF’ is that their front number plate seems to be hard jammed up against their front bumper. I have always found that this masks the air scoop for the radiator and in this hot weather it does make a difference . I have my front number plate a good two inches below the Bumper. I never overheat…. well only once through altitude in the Pyrennees.

  2. I went to a British Car Day here a few years ago, where one Alvis was a FWD. A very low body, so low you’d easily touch the ground from the driver’s set by the look of it. Not a body that would win any beauty contests though.

  3. what a super location and great collection of cars
    I didn’t see any TC21/100’s
    I am restoring one of these from a “box of bits” so would be nice to see a complete car so I could take or get some pictures of how things should be

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