Additions to the Collection

The continuous process of cataloguing existing and incoming material has inspired some more new pages and additions to existing ones.

23574 TB14 ECL 123 Georgano Beaulieu March 1978

The Nick Georgano Collection of photos now has its own page and related articles – click Georgano

Retrieved from the Herbert is this photo from 1967…

Sammy Davis aged 80 1967 NAD Crystal Palace with Gerry Dunham – Ernest Shenton can be seen over the G


In order to test our latest donation of a VCR to complement our DVD playing monitor we found this in our VHS library……


which works very well…..To read about Sammy’s part in the 1929 Le Mans race click Sammy Davis

This photo from a viewer also completed the page on Police cars with some nice stories…

26734 3333 NE and Wolseley 6/110 5229 ND Police driving school skid pan

Click on Police cars

We have also been busy collating Aero material and this publicity photo from 1956 when Leonides engine production was at its peak poses the question – can you identify this plane?

Aero engines

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3 thoughts on “Additions to the Collection”

  1. I’m reliably told that the aircraft depicted with the TD.21 is a Miles/Hanley Page Marathon. One example was a flying test-bed, having Armstrong Siddeley Mamba turboprop engines and later fitted with Alvis Leonides radials. There is much about it to be found on the internet (ie: Wikipedia).

    1. Whilst I am no expert, I think the plane is a Percival Pembroke. The Marathon was four engined as opposed to the twin engined example illustrated.

  2. I am no expert either, but looking at the photos on the internet (particularly the shape of the canopy) it looks more like the Handley Page than the Percival. Wikipedia does mention that a twin-engined prototype Marathon was produced, but it is not clear whether that was the test-bed in which Leonides engines were later fitted.

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