Idris Francis

Speed 25 with Idris Francis at South East Alvis Day 2001


We are saddened to learn that our Follower Idris Francis succumbed to cancer last Friday at the age of 79. Best known for his restoration and long ownership of his Speed 25 Charlesworth (recorded in Bulletin 323)  he had been an Alvis driver since 1969 with a TD21 drophead and later a TE 21 drophead, together with a 4.3 Rod Jolley short chassis  tourer and finally a fine Speed 25 saloon. He was an ardent Brexiteer, inventor and electrical genius, inventing the joy stick for wheelchair users.

Adam Gilchrist has advised that the funeral will be held on March 1st at 1pm at South West Middlesex Crematorium, Hounslow Road, Hanworth, Feltham TW13 5JH.

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7 thoughts on “Idris Francis”

  1. Very sorry to hear this.

    On a more mundane note I have back numbers of the bulletin. Would anyone be interested?

    Best wishes

    Philip Moore

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  2. I knew Idris well and am preparing his obituary. Could anyone let me have Bulletin 323? I was his counsel originally in the road traffic test case in which the Speed 25 featured.

  3. I knew Idris very well and was shocked to hear of his death – I’m advised from a heart attack. Idris had thought the chemo was making him better. We have exchanged 1,000’s of emails since June 2012 and I did my best to support him in his “world’s best practice” research into speed cameras and other cameras and their actual impact on road trauma. He proved absolutely that these camera systems achieved nothing and further that after the first year of operation crashes increased when compared to the trends at all other similar sites. I put a big effort into preparing with Idris a paper “Determining the real impact of speed limit enforcement cameras in the UK.” It was presented at the 2nd IRF Asai Regional Conference in Kulua Lumper 16-20 October 2016. Idris’ death is a tragedy as it is likely to put back significantly efforts to pressure road safety practitioners to be open and honest about road safety.

    1. I’m pleased to say that we gave Idris a good send off today. His Alvis 4.3 was in the funeral procession. His solicitors, Shentons, in Winchester are applying for probate and hopefully will be safeguarding Idris’s important research into speed cameras. He was a wonderful chap, whose opinions were invariably sound!

  4. I am so sorry to hear of this too. He wasn’t well when I spoke with him a little while back.
    Sadly I’ve lost his last email to me. We spent a fair amount of time talking about the issues and problems with cameras.
    I’m delighted to say that Paul and I spent time with him a while back and he and Paul got on exceptionaly well.
    I’ve met him several times and loved looking at his wonderful cars and of couse chatting about speed cameras and how to continue the campaign against them.
    I’ve a full copy of his website but any papers and further info I’ll happily have a copy of if anyone finds anything.
    My deepest sympathy and condolences all his family, and friends. 😦
    He will be greatly missed. RIP.
    At least he and Paul can now chat at length.

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