Where are you now?

A couple of Speed model photos came our way from past owners seeking news of their fate

Mike Hartley met the daughter of Keith Murray who used to own this car and she was somewhat intrigued to find out if the car still exists and maybe contact the present owner.
AWM 346 – do you survive?

and a story told by a past owner wondering why the unknown new owner does not appear to have an interest in learning its history, see the story of 24169

Alvis Alwil 3 Litre

Details of the proposed Alvis Centenary celebration in Germany are here – Frankfurt Exhibition 2020

A fabulous period photo from AOC Bulletin 446 shows a car we know is still in good hands in Yorkshire

As well as appointing a new Trustee last month, Chris Taylor, I am pleased to welcome a new assistant proofreader, Lottie, who has the role previously held by the lovely Samantha

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2 thoughts on “Where are you now?”

  1. Dear Alvis Archive,

    Some years ago when I was restoring my Silver Eagle Clubmans Coupe I realised that Henken Widengren, the Swedish Racing driver and owner of several Alvis cars, had started with a Clubmans Coupe.

    A certain amount was known about him and his cars but more was clearly to be found out.

    So I embarked on quite a lengthy research project which has yielded a file weighing 1.2kg.

    Like too many over enthusiastic projects I found that I had taken too much on and had much else to keep me occupied, so I put the matter on one side.

    I will not pick it up again, so I believe that the file would be better with the Archive so that anybody who is interested in HW can pick it up and build upon the work I’ve done.

    Shall I mail it to you and if so, at what address?

    Alternatively if somebody is coming Cheltenham way I can hand it over in person.

    It is my personal file and not arranged in an organised way, so if anybody shows interest I will gladly walk them through the material which might save time and confusion.

    Keep up the excellent work!


    1. Thanks Martin. Please post it to us using this address: Alvis Archive Trust, Bowcliffe Hall, Bramham, Wetherby LS23 6LP or why not come and visit us sometime? John

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