3 thoughts on “Autocar and Alvis”

  1. 1st and 2nd at Le Mans – in class, not overall
    First British car with independent suspension in 1933 – what about the all independent suspension of the FWD Alvis from 1928 – also I fear that Morgan has a prior claim.

  2. My Le Mans results book for 1928 shows the FWDs were 1st and 2nd in class. They were 6th and 9th overall with the 5 cars in front of 6th placed Alvis being 4lt or greater. The first 5 were 2, 4.5l Bentleys, a 5.8l Stutz and 2, 4/1l Chrysler 72s. A 4.5l (Barnato/Rubin) Bentley won the race but the second 4.5l Bentley (Birkin / Chassagne) came 5th completing only 49km more than the 1.5l Harvey/Pudey FWD Alvis within the 24 hours. The history records the ‘performance exceptionelle’ by the 1.5l Alvis cars and the Harvey/Pudey – Davis / Urquhart-Dykes teams.

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