Alvistorians celebrate the centenary

An invitation a few weeks ago to a small celebration of the Alvis marque in its centenary year was readily accepted as it was to be held at the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall. The publicity for the Continuation Series of models was also gaining momentum as was the success in gaining overseas orders for several cars. It was no great surprise to later discover there would be several guests for the champagne reception and during the week of the celebration the Bertelli 4.3 was to be on show in the  Rotunda.

However, what Alan Stote kept secret was the suprise that four historians with over 200 years of Alvis ownership between them, were to be present, including Wayne Brooks from Pennsylvania.

Cox, Fox, Brooks and Culshaw with the Bertelli

During an evening of fine dining we also enjoyed the company of Michael Hicks, Neil Jones and Ian Simpson from Red Triangle and Alistair Pugh who undertook the digital reverse engineering of the coachwork.

Alan also presented us with newly reproduced items from a hundred years ago.Who knows what the next hundred years of Alvis will be like, but for now there seems to be no shortage of enthusiasm for the marque.

Our thanks and appreciation go to Alan Stote for his dedication to the marque and its history.

Alan poses yet another question to Dave Culshaw
Tony Cox contemplates the lines of the Bertelli
Wayne Brooks, still a little hoarse from three days chatting to Alvis owners at Hershey is spending a few days in Kenilworth

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4 thoughts on “Alvistorians celebrate the centenary”

  1. How encouraging to recognise that we aren’t the only ones who appreciate the marque. I am especially pleased to see that Wayne Brooks was in attendance. The Bertelli appears to be in healthier nick than my machine, which is a little discouraging this close to 2020.

  2. Good morning. May I offer pictures of my TF, one parked outside the Archive’s offices when I visited you during the IAW in June and at our SEAD at Brooklands in August, and at home in Surrey :

    OPC also features on the back cover of this years AGM report.

    The History:

    The car was first owned by Blackwell Limited the famous Oxford bookshop family business founded in 1879. Then JHF Lloyd Williams until October 1970 when the car was acquired by a Doctor who drove the car for over 50 years until I became its proud owner. I think my final Alvis; I have had ten over the last ten years and this is by far and away the fastest I have owned.

    The good doctor and his wife also a doctor, drove the car over 160,000 miles across the UK and Europe. I am in constant touch with both people and his wife Mary told me the car often transported themselves, their three children and two dogs on their long journeys. They are looking out any photos of the Alvis during their ownership. I will of course pass copies to the Archive if any are found.

    Despite the mileage (plus 20,000 during the first ownerships) the good doctors have maintained the car to a very high standard. Mechanically it is in top order as is the chassis; regularly serviced, full engine rebuild, body restored nearly 20 years (needs a little work again) and parts replaced as required. I have all the invoices.

    Best wishes, Richard

    Richard Bagge Chairman South East Section Alvis Owner Club


  3. I have been an Alvis Owner for over 50 years having a
    A Firefly Saloon from May 1961 to September 1961
    A Firebird Tourer, KY9855 from February 1962 to November 1963
    A TA 14 D H C, from September 1963 to May 1966
    An Alvis Healey , MXF 124 from May 1966 to April 1987
    A TA21 Saloon MGC 502 (Ex Den Bailey) from May 1987 to August 2001
    Ten a TC21/100 DHC PYR 357 (Ex Sir Nicholas (Thomas) (Miki Sekers) MD of West Cumberland Silk Mills Ltd
    then Eric Williamson Picture on front bulletin Feb/March 1978
    I still own this car
    As most people will know I have won a number of Alvis Club Concours and Driving Tests with the
    Alvis Healey, TA21 Saloon and The TC21/100 DHC

    I look forward to driving an Alvis for more years and attending Alvis and other events

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