Monte Carlo Rally – 1953

Amongst some miscellaneous papers a card appeared with this painting commissioned by the late Rod Yeend prompting some research as to why it was chosen. The snowy scene depicts three ladies taking part in the 1953 Monte.

24416 TA21 LWK 226 Monte Carlo Rally Mrs Dorothy Stanley-Turner Nancy Mitchell Rosemary Fotheringham-Parker
The Rallye plate confirms it is the 23rd Monte in 1953

A Pathe News film can be found on YouTube here.

Warning -watching this will lead to other films ….

The actual car survives and is on offer for sale.


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3 thoughts on “Monte Carlo Rally – 1953”

  1. Great to see this photo. My car was obviously repainted when restored to match the rally winner.
    I just renewed the paint in 2-pack keeping the blue and silver because it looks so nice. Pic attached before I added gold pinstripes to finish it. Don’t know how to attach a picture!
    SAJ in NZ

  2. Coen van der Weiden writes: The YouTube film of the 1953 Monte Carlo rally shows at 30 seconds Maurice Gatsonides (father of Tom) shaking hands with his co-driver Peter Worledge.
    They finished first in the Ford Zephyr MK1 (VHK 194). The car still exists, is owned by Tom and is garaged at Ab van Egmond, next to my Alvis.

    Further on in the film I see the Alvis 3L driving, a proof that they started.
    However I don’t see them in the end results listing. Enclosed a picture of a pass control stop.

    In 1951 Dorothy Stanley Turner also started in the Monte Carlo rally with an Alvis 3L and start number 269. She finished 32d.

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