Your Drive __ Day photos

Thanks for sending these photos which span 1924 – 1965 and the globe….

from Tasmania, Gary Guiver’s 1924 12/40, chassis 2817

from Scotland, Chris Chilcott’s 1926 12/50, a field not a drive….

From Monaco, Guido Cantele’s Speed 20 SA chasis 9878 (but not yesterday)From New Zealand, Doug Dickson’s SB Speed 20 VDP chassis 11154From Australia, Jonathan Gill’s 13686 Speed 25 Charlesworth…and Max Houston’s 14314 4.3


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while Tim Perks is getting there with his 4.3 Charlesworth 14327

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From Switzerland, Dieter Schaetti’s McMullen Woody 14

20750 1946 TA14 McMullen

Norman Blundell’s TA14 chassis 23308


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From Scotland, Peter Martin’s TA21 Tickford “KAA went to the local Morrisons to pick up a click and collect order. PongoNo the new hound went also and was admired almost as much as the car which looks a bit butch as temporarily without a front bumper .Bruce Cunningham’s 25272 TC21 Mulliners saloon taken in 2019 at the Campbelltown Steam and Machinery Open Day (coinciding with Australian National Motoring Heritage Day). The actual location is in Menangle, a little village about 12,000 miles from UK, approx. 5 miles from Campbelltown, NSW, AUST. Here it won a “lucky door” prize.Doug Dickson’s TC21/100 25676Lottie’s Graber 26081

Petwood 2019 (5)
Lottie is missing her rides in the Graber, complete with original fitment chain restraint

Peter Brown’s TD21 26107

From California, Andres Martinez TD21 26294

Robin Willmott’s 26295 TD21 Dhc…

Doug Dickson’s TD21 26670

Deborah Gold’s TE21 Dhc 27034

From Germany, Frank Nestmann’s TE21 27022Nick Wells’  27134 TE21 which was far too grumpy to emerge from its den despite a promise to attend the Kop Hill Climb in September!

Never grumpy, Mark Seligman’s fine TE21 Dhc…  27242It’s not too late to send your photo.

Coen van der Weiden wrote to say “today is King’s Day in Holland so we have an extra long weekend.
A certain Mr. Paul Wouters created an extra link on Alvis in his website.
Until December 19th, 2019 he didn’t know much about Alvis, but with the help of the Dutch Centenary book and his camera he created a nice impression. The text is from the book, but then in his own words.
Some very good photos – worth a browse.

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