Silver Eagles

Robin Morgan sent this photo which unfortunately does not show the full registration number – it being  ?B 3953, enquiring about his late father’s Alvis, known as Liz to the family who lived in Bushey, Herts in 1959.

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More handbooks are now available in the digital library – click Silver Eagle

August should have seen 100s of Alvis gathering in Coventry for the centenary but social distancing put paid to that. Some have managed to meet in small groups including a few Alvis, Bristol and Bentley owners in a Lincolnshire “Open Garden” who were able to enjoy some unique coachbuilt motors in a compliant environment.

Three unique cars including a Silver Eagle by Selway


The Pantheon in Basel opened an exhibition last October which includes several Graber Alvis and because of Covid is still running. For more information and photographs, click here.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





Among many of the tributes to Ken Day was one from Coen van der Weiden, click  The history of the first Alvis books.




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2 thoughts on “Silver Eagles”

  1. At the risk of stating the obvious, the car in Robin Morgan’s photograph is a TB 16.95 with a Carbodies 6 light saloon body. The TB 16.95 was the first wide chassis Silver Eagle introduced in March 1930 and succeeded by the TC 16.95 (with centre lock wheels, Luvax dampers and silent third gearbox) from December 1930.

  2. I was local to Bushey in the late 50’s and into the 60’s and am sure that I saw this Alvis, on several occasions, whilst driving about in my various Alvis 12/50’s

    Mike Wheadon


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