September Bulletin

Continuing our series of Julian Collins AOC Bulletins from 2000 is this one containing 85 pages of articles and photos:Click BULLETIN 465 SEPT 2000 to download it to your device

465 cover

Twenty years earlier, the original monthly Bulletin had been reduced to a quarterly publication and had about a quarter of the content, but a good read

Click BULLETIN 314 October 1980 to download it to your device

From Paul Bamford , a period advert . . .


. . . from down under!



Author: alvisarchive

Driving Alvis cars since 1964 and the website since 2012

3 thoughts on “September Bulletin”

  1. I had forgotten how much I depended on Julian Collins for book reviews – these re-issues
    of his Bulletins are most welcome. Thanks and please keep doing them.

  2. My good friends in Australia, who are THE leading vintage Alvis owners and supporters, organising many Alvis events in Ausssieland, including last year’s International Rally, would like to receive Alvis Archive.
    Please advise me how they can subscribe.
    I will pass the information on to them. Or mail direct to:-
    I enjoyed the piece on the 2000 Alvis Tour of the USA, brought back very happy memories – except the hotels!
    Very best,

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