The Show must go on

As most of Europe goes into lockdown to fight Covid, most planned events have had to be cancelled, deferred or in some cases, prolonged. One such was the Graber Exhibition at the Pantheon Basel, which ran for a year instead of six months but has now finished. Meanwhile in Germany a fine collection of Alvis cars and educational material remains on show, but behind closed doors for the moment until the restrictions have eased.

Manfred Fleischmann and Ken Day’s son Tony, meeting at Central Garage on 6th September 2020, 100 years since Ken’s birthday

Planned to run until February 2021 it is hoped it may be extended. In the meantime we are delighted to provide a virtual tour courtesy of Manfred Fleischmann who masterminded the exhibition, Click Frankfurt exhibition 2020

To be reminded of past displays at the NEC, click Alvis at the NEC

For a further amusing look back at the Alvis adventures of Bruce Earlin….

Would you buy a used car from this man?

 A note from Peter Barratt questioned the description of the Stafford Pup on display at the Shuttleworth Collection. The National Motor Museum has had one on display for some time.

An early venture of T G John was involvement with Stafford Auto Scooters Ltd in the motor scooter, the Stafford Mobile Pup. Mr Stafford had a shop at the bottom end of the T G John works in Hertford St.

The frame was supplied by The Birmingham Motor Guild and the engine was built and fitted by T.G. John Ltd.

More information can be found in “The Vintage Alvis” (1995 edition) from page 8.

Among a large collection of 1980s photos donated by Ben Lenthall, one time editor of the AOC Bulletin, are these of an Offord 4.3 drophead.

The Offord page has been updated to include these and changes of custodians on two others.

…and for these dark winter evenings another good read from Julian Collins in 2000…



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