Alvis goes hybrid

The latest Crested E-gle is the first hybrid Alvis, or Elvis as it is to be known. Also featuring ground breaking transclucent coachwork to showcase the magnificent ICE complemented by the compact twin side mounted battery packs. Claims of 0-100mph in 10 seconds have yet to be confirmed.

Members of the AOC have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the 1960-1 Year Book, a rather splendid publication, before it is offered on E-Bay. Leave a reply if you wish to bid for it.

When George Howell became Financial Director of Alvis he was entitled to a company car and between 1957 and 1971 he had seven Alvises.  One particularly memorable family trip was a summer holiday in about 1960, through France to Switzerland in the pale green TD21 (5467HP), where he sacrificed a few days of his vacation to visit the Graber headquarters while the rest of the family enjoyed the lakes and mountains.  His last Alvis (JHP903E) he kept for four years, reluctant to sacrifice it for a Rover.  To read more click George Howell, O.B.E. (1914-1992)

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