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Several followers have spotted Edd China on YouTube with Workshop Diaries. He was the mechanic on the TV programme ‘Wheeler Dealers’. Now in his own series, he replaces the lights switch on a Series II TD21 and hopefully there is more to come on the restoration of this drophead in future programmes. It can be seen here:

At the Trust’s AGM held on Zoom last Friday we appointed two new trustees, Martin Wickham and Edmund Waterhouse. Graham Clode and Chris Taylor continue as trustees. John Fox has retired by rotation remaining as the main contact and Administrator. The trustees will meet in person as Bowcliffe Hall in May when restrictions have been eased.

Robin Bendall’s funeral is being held today at 3pm attended by Chris Taylor and the family. Further notes have been added to our post Robin Bendall.

We received a collection of automobilia from Peter Gore who worked at Alvis as an apprentice.

Peter Gore in the back seat of the 1940 12/70 Mulliners tourer driven by his father Bill Gore with Alvis Finance Director George Howell in the passenger seat – this car is now for sale

Bill Gore ran a garage in Kent and was an appointed Alvis Agent and Peter has sent us several documents including the invoice for the TE21 demonstrator which remains in existence with a Follower

Another photo from Peter Gore, part of the line up at an AOC event at the Works
Part of the dealer agreement

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One thought on “News update”

  1. I seem to rember replacing the switch on my dads tf21,when I was 14 years old,a little easier with different positioning. Seven years later on my own te21 .i think that it is a big mistake not to remove the whole wood trim as unnaturally forceing it forward can cause breakage of the baker lite switches…all shortcuts lead to a fall…Adam…

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