Open Day

As the Drivers Club at Bowcliffe Hall is once again providing a full menu we can offer visitors to the archives the full experience we had become used to. If you would like to make a visit, under prevailing Covid rules, we shall be open to visitors next Wednesday, 16th June.

Visits are on an appointment basis and if you would like to come please leave a reply below with your preferred time of arrival.

The arrival of summer weather in the UK encourages open Alvis use and remembering how to put the top down and the tonneau in place.

Dave Evans sent this from his son’s wedding, depicting my Fraser Reid’s Alvis Speed 20 chassis 11892, donated and driven by Fraser for the day. “The choir is the Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir, both my son, the groom and I sing in this choir, founded in 1928 by migrant workers who travelled, mostly walked up

The month of May was busy with identifying a large collection of Alvis photos received from a car and photography enthusiast in Holland. Some of them however remain a mystery as there were insufficient clues to to be sure of the chassis number – here are some of them – if you can identify the cars please let us know.

2 TD21
6. TD21 at Chantilly
7. Speed 20
9. TC21/100

10. Speed 20

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Driving Alvis cars since 1964 and the website since 2012

5 thoughts on “Open Day”

  1. Hi, As I am not sure my last email reached could I make the following comment.
    I am very disappointed the Alvis Centenary Race to be now held at Mallory Park on 22ed August has been given ZERO coverage by the club other than the submissions made by the organiser Jeff Edwards.
    This once in a lifetime event had to be cancelled last year due to the pandemic but will be the first race of the day for an elite selection of Alvis competition cars , many of which have not been seen now for many years.
    Why I ask is there so little interest???
    I wonder some times why I am a member of a club which features in the Bully little of interest for me.
    Come on give this once in a lifetime event some coverage to hopefully encourage club member support on the day.

    1. Thanks Chris, I will publicise it on this website and pass your comment to the AOC Bulletin and Calendar, which mentioned the meeting but not the Centenary race. Can you send me what you would like published?

      1. Hi, Thanks for your response. I have spoken to Jeff Edwards as he is arranging the event and has all the details. He is preparing an article for the clubs information and hopefully for publication.
        This event has to be viewed as something special and it would be fantastic for it to be supported by hundreds of club members and their cars on the day👍

  2. Gentlemen

    In your latest post you picture a number of cars with continental registrations where visible, and ask for help in identifying them. I’m not sure whether the following helps but here goes.

    Picture 2, the red and white Series 1 TD21. The moment I saw it I said “there’s only one car that looks like that and that’s Mike Holding’s old car”. However, the last time I saw Mike, which was a few years ago. he had sold the car as it was always going wrong; it overheated at the most inconvenient times. He replaced it with an Alpha Romeo! There is a problem however. Looking at the 2012 membership list I find that W.N.M.Holding, 10808 SE, is listed as having a Series 3, TE21. Either that is wrong or there are at least two 3 Litres with this rather garish paintwork.

    I’m sure you have access to the membership records so you can check whether Mike’s car was a Series 1 or a Series 3. If in fact it was the former then you’ve almost certainly identified the car but if it’s the latter then the mystery remains, although it could be that a former owner of Mike’s car had two or more cars painted identically in which event the membership records should note that a former owner also owned a Series 1 which might give you another line of enquiry to follow.

    I’d like to think this helps, I’d hate to send you off on a wild goose chase.

    Best regards

    Philip Singer 11045 SE

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