25 years ago

Today we feature a Bulletin from November 1996 when the Editor was John Price-Williams. The accompanying “pinkun” includes sixteen cars for sale, only one pre-war, a 1934 Firebird tourer for £17,500 which has seen many owners since then. The first owner was Richard Hughes OBE, the author of “High Wind in Jamaica”. It was exhibited at the Scottish Show on the James Galt Stand 28, Kelvin Hall, Edinburgh, 16 – 24 November 1934 and delivered to Folletts on the first of January 1935.

Four TA14s were offered, two saloons, one inviting offers, the other at £7,950, a shooting brake at £1,500 and a Riverlee saloon restoration project for £1,500. A TB14 was offered for £13,500. Take a look at www.alvis14.com for more information on Riverlee.

A rebuilt TA21 Tickford was offered for £20,000 and two restored Grey Lady saloons for £9,950 and £16,000.

Two TD21s, one for restoration offered around £3,000 and a good condition one for £7,800 ono.

Four TE21s, three saloons for £7,500 £10,000 and £13,500 and a 20,000 mile Dhc for £25,000. A TF21 Dhc for £35,000.

Inflation over the 25 years as measured by the UK Retail Price Index doubles the prices quoted for comparison with today.

Going further back in time, there are 133 photos in 1950s – Album 3, some needing identification if you would like to click on the photos and make a comment.

The Bulletin cover shows a Speed 25SB Charlesworth saloon and the last TF21 Mulliner Park Ward drophead.

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3 thoughts on “25 years ago”

  1. The 12/70 DWK482 has been with me since 1977. It was sold to me by Dan Margulies who ran a Maserati in VSCC but the previous owner was Stan Hicken. I didn´t meet him but he had a Speed 20 parked at a VSCC meeting. A similar car was used by me in the historic Monte Carlo Rally.
    The 12/70 is a model to be used. We have travelled Denmark and Germany, done hillclimb in Norway.
    I also used it as tow car for my F3/500 at the very first Goodwood Revival. Did a lap (anticlockwise) at 2.30.00 with trailer.
    Does anyone know who the people in the photo are?

  2. That was a nice surprise HWF 732, for a moment I thought it had been found, thank you for still looking, I’m still checking auctions.Really appreciate what your doing.  Cheers Robert.

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