Silver Eagles

Spanning both the vintage and post-vintage periods the six cylinder models spawned the Speed models and continued alongside them. A fine photo, taken in 1938 of a 1929 model came our way via Robin Gilbert and some research by Greg Wrapson identified the car.

The photo came not from a motoring magazine but from a London County Council Estates and Valuation department which just happened to feature the TA 16.95 Atlantic Saloon. Dated 18th January 1938, the subject was Neate Street, Cobourg Road, London SE5 which was later cleared of slums to become Burgess Park. Martin Taylor has kindly donated the original print to the Trust, having rescued it many years ago. Identified as chassis 7756, car 12563, the registration UV 4874 had not previously being recorded.

This photo and another sent in by Ian Hardaker are now included in a much expanded gallery of over 100 photos on the Silver Eagle page, together with three Model Registers of the cars as they left the factory.

Hugh Stirling sent in more green themed photos and in the process uncovered another gap in our knowledge.

KY 5089 is a flat radiator Speed 20 SA – Photo Hugh Stirling at Prescott 2021

If you have any period or current photos you would like included in the model galleries, email them to

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