12/50 under the hammer on TV

The story of a 1927 12/50 TG Carbodies ¾ Doctor’s coupe finding a new home is told in the popular UK TV programme Bangers and Cash tonight at 8pm on the UK’s Yesterday Channel Freeview 27, Freesat 159, Sky 155, Virgin 129. Having had very few owners in London and Kent, the journey to Thornton le Dale resulted in another new owner in Kent.

UO 3971

On ITV4 at 7 pm on the same evening is Silverstone Classic.

8945 1931 12/50 Special at Rothwell NV 438

The second Tuesday lunchtime car meeting at the Blacksmiths Arms in Rothwell, Lincolnshire produced a fine selection all the best marques and a full car park.

25554 TC21/100 Tickford, ex Douglas Bader OYU 979

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3 thoughts on “12/50 under the hammer on TV”

  1. Thank you for the info, I shall watch those progs. Are you as Alvis archivist aware -I expect you are- that The Brooklands Museum Trust has on loan since 2016 displayed The Clinkard Special at its Weybridge museum? First noticed by myself on 4th Sept ’22, before which I was unaware that such a vehicle existed. A most interesting exhibit. Apparently it had been away for restoration work in 2017-8 which could explain why i’d failed to spot it before last month. Again as you probably know, there are other Alvises on display there.

    Thanks again, best wishes, Alan Eggleton.

    1. I can remember Brian’s car being donated to the Trust but I can’t remember if that was before or after he passed away. Mike Pratt though it was before. If I remember correctly it was 4.3 with single seater body. We did actually see the car at Assington when we went up to pick up some bits for Mike’s DGW 591 back in the 1960s. Brian had a field full of Alvises in various stages of ‘undress’, as it were. Very helpful chap and very reasonable for Alvis spares – I think on that occassion they cost us the price of a couple of pints at the Shoulder of Mutton in the village but at least the sun was over the yard-arm !

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