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In 1984 the AOC published four Model Registers for the TF21, TE 21, TD21 Series II and the TD21. The TF21 and TE21 registers were updated in 1999 and 2000 by the Model Secretary, the late Ken Cameron.

The TD21 Register has not been published since 1984 and the latest information on ownership can be found in the 2012 Membership List. With the passage of time and some 1,100 new members since 2012 the information available to members is limited.

The late Brian Maile wrote in the 2012 membership list “An up to date Membership List is essential to allow members to easily communicate with each other and identify owners of particular cars.” It was therefore good news that future AOC membership lists, will be published digitally every March and September, and include the model of each member’s car.

Fortunately, recording the ownership of cars has continued with successive Model Secretaries and the Membership Secretaries. The information we have available is vastly greater than first published. Gaps remain to be filled and of course – not all owners are members of the Club and those that are rarely notify the Club of sales and purchases.

Data Protection legislation has acted as a brake on providing this essential information to owners. Cars sold at auction and by dealers on commission are particularly affected by this. Provided consent is given, information can be shared.

So, if you own TD21 now or in the past and consent to your contact details being passed to future or past owners of your car please let us know by clicking on UPDATE YOUR DETAILS and fill in the gaps– we can then update the Register and make it available to those who participate.  

Why not do it now?

TD21 26419 pictured at Crystal Palace in 1972 – first registered 6951 HP when the Alvis demonstrator for the overdrive gearbox introduced in 1960. One of several TD21s that had a number of different UK registrations  –    6951 HP –  MEC 919 –  JF 9 –  8459 PE  – XMV 934A before moving to Germany where it is currently for sale. 

In this picture the car is fitted with the ER70 tyres that were introduced for the XJ6 Jaguar and transformed the handling. With the original 60 spoke wire wheels then fitted, broken spokes were not uncommon but the later 72 spoke wheels were much more resilient. Graber built cars often had Borrani wheels specified on either 15” or metric diameters such 400mm.

“Fun Fact” The car cost £375 in May 1970 with 96,000 miles on the clock. That is equivalent to £7,000 in 2022 money (RPI based). A new Austin 1300GT was £996, an E type coupe was £2,584 and a Silver Shadow was £9,272.

For more on the TD21 go to TD21 : 1958-1963

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10 thoughts on “TD21 census”

  1. Special census category needed? My TE21-bodied Alvis was built on TD21 chassis #26517 by Red Triangle in 1995 (funded by Alvis Club member Philip Fenwick-Elliot). The only obvious clue is the NY State windshield registration sticker (TD21)

  2. There are multiple sources of data on these cars, and none appears to be definitive. The AOC’s attempt to update the membership census in 2020 was a failure, with very few members responding. The Club’s data is therefore not as good nor as detailed as it once was. The Alvis Car Company has excellent historical records but nobody seems to have accurate up-to-date information on current cars and their provenance. Is this a role the AAT could step up to, and establish the definitive list of Alvis cars?

    1. Yes. We have records of about 250 TD21s owned by current AOC members, about 200 TD21 owners who follow the archive website (about 80 are both AOC and AAT Followers) and over 400 cars with no recorded AOC membership. This leaves a large number of owners who have been AOC members but may or may not still own a TD21. Early replies to the census have aready identified some of these.

      1. Excellent, let’s hope some more of these 400 come to light. I’ll help publicise your census to encourage participation. 😇

  3. I forwarded all the information including photos in the 2021 AOC general census. Do I need to resend you this information?

    1. Yes please, there is nothing in the files about your ownership passed to me for 26740 although you have sent me details of 26857. 26769 was recorded as yours in the AOC record but you told me what happened to it.

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