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Several new and old photos have been added to three pages (just click on the links) including several pre-1961 pictures from Clive Hutchinson’s collection

Front Wheel Drive

Silver Eagle

TD21 : 1958-1963

together with a register of 180 drophead coupes.

Barn Finds – in case you missed them

Posted on November 25, 2022 by eileen4tatb14s on www.alvis14.com

Based in W Sussex. Vendor would ideally like to sell as a job lot! Offers to be considered? Still available…..

SVS424 Chassis  20965  Black – on the left in the photo

KSV601 Chassis  23055  Green & Cream – in the middle on the photo

GMJ492 Chassis 23031  White – on the right in the photo.

Three TA14s – one Carbodies drophead and two saloons.  All have been in dry storage for 10-15 years now.  The coupe and one saloon ran before going into storage and both of these have had restoration started, so not all parts are on the vehicles, but are present. The other saloon has had some parts taken off in preparation for restoration. There are many spares with the vehicle’s: – engine; gearboxes; axle and more. There is a literal “barn full” which includes three complete cars (including interiors / glass) plus additional spares.

Logbooks for all three. 

They all require restoration: –

1 x Alvis TA14 drophead coupe by Carbodies (this was running before going in to dry storage)

2 x Alvis TA14 Saloon models (one of these was running before going in to dry storage)

One (and a half!) spare engines; Three, (possibly four or five!) spare gearboxes

Front axle (maybe more). Numerous parts, bits and pieces.

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