How many are left?

A new Follower this week had a familiar name and following several email exchanges has ended up with a fascinating story of survival of a rare Speed 20 model with the inevitable question, how many are left? To read the full story click BXL 835.

Coen van der Weiden asked about the survival rate of the 95 TE21 dropheads produced. The survival statistics published by Red Triangle, on display at the NEC last month, show 83% of all TEs surviving. This is based on the assumption that if a car has been spotted within the last twenty years, it probably still survives. Having recently collected the 352 TE records for the archives, and checked a sample of licence and mot records, there is a significant number of “can’t be sure” cars. There are cars not on DVLA records for a number of different reasons. If you know of a TE21 that has definitely been scrapped or is still around but not DVLA registered, please write to us, click

Unfortunately the fascinating website howmanyleft does not include Alvis cars.

The long awaited release of the Alvis Car Club badge has arrived, click badge for details of how to purchase from the Alvis Owner Club.

The last post on Alvis Apprentices produced some positive feedback and in particular a comment from Mike Dunn.

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2 thoughts on “How many are left?”

  1. My first TE the red rocket” was sold to New Zealand,it was registered 1084PP I have kept this reg number but not put it on another Alvis to avoid confusion. The car was well restored in New Zealand and is now blue and called “the blue bird”… Funny thing cars have names…Adam Gilchrist…

    1. Even funnier is this reply regarding the same car 1084 PP ……from Richard Tonkin” Sent: Sat, 8 Dec 2018 at 23:08
      Subject: TE21.

      Re the TE21 survivors, you probably already have this information, as I am an AOC member, but 1964 FHC, chassis 27048, known to his friends as OSCAR (Old Superannuants’ Charming Alvis Runabout) is alive and very well in my care in Melbourne, Australia, and sends Seasons Greetings to his siblings worldwide.


      Richard Tonkin.

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