Yet more to see at Bowcliffe

We have withdrawn our deposits with the Herbert in Coventry who have carefully conserved them for many years. So Christmas came early, opening eleven boxes of goodies, all wrapped in white paper and tied up in string, these are a few of our favourite things…..

The big boxes included Photo Albums 1-5 which we published in digital form six years ago. Now we can enjoy looking through the physical version. See Albums

Hidden away for far too long were these items presented to the AOC in 2001, the Jubilee year.

Chairman Arthur Fairburn receives the plaque from Richard Tonkin






Arthur receiving the ACC plaque from Richard Budd

Ken Cameron with the Richards

….and from our Dutch friendsEven older, is this..

These will be on display at Bowcliffe in 2019, the start of the Centenary Year.

A section of Instruction and Parts books
A different Apprentice Badge


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3 thoughts on “Yet more to see at Bowcliffe”

  1. Dear Neil,

    Just got the latest post. Very, very interested in what you’ve got from the Herbert. Do you have a list? I’m hoping to visit there next year.

    I’m now about 24,000 words into a biography of Smith-Clarke and uncovering new stuff all the time so I’m interested in any info you may have.

    Recently I’ve found the bungalow he built in 1934, N. of Bisley, Glos. about 9 ms S of Cheltenham deep in the Cotswolds. Amanda Smith has lent me his pocket diaries from 1931 – 1958 which are proving very fruitful.

    Bye the bye, in my research, I discovered ‘Sammy’ Davis was aero engine inspector in Coventry for the Royal Navy. This was analogous to Smith-Clarke’s post in the RFC.

    Merry Christmas, Adrian

  2. Hello, The Vanden Plas section suggests someone has cast bronze Charles Follett suppliers’ dashboard plaques for sale, could I be put in touch please? I am looking for one to complete my restoration of BYK 196, a Mayfair Speed 20SC fixed head coupé originally supplied by him. Thanks. N

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