Last heard of….?

It’s the unexpected emails we receive with news of Alvis cars that have not been heard of for years which give us the greatest pleasure. Someone somewhere has quietly been taking care of a special car, not a member of any of the car clubs, or perhaps was at one time but no longer belongs. If this is you, we look forward to hearing from you with news of your Alvis. Just leave a reply below.

While the emphasis is on the cars the other products and their survival are also of interest. Questions about the uses of the Leonides engine have prompted a new page covering Hovercraft .

Coen van der Weiden has sent photos of the The Louwman exhibition which can be found on  Louwman

The auction sale of a Graber TC108G has prompted an article on Graber with some information not published before, Gstaad Auction.

2020 promises to be a full year of events and a new book is expected, Alvis Society


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9 thoughts on “Last heard of….?”

  1. Where is our beloved AS 3100 now? Park Ward auto. drophead, 1959, and heaven to drive. It was almost at the end of a very long restoration when my husband died, and I couldn’t see my way to keeping it or using it again. But what lovely memories – we were Alvis owners for 60 years, Club members for much of that time, and the TD was my very favourite.

  2. Yes, I’ve been chasing a TA21 DHC by Tickford for a number of years now. I restored it as a youngster and have found all the photos taken during it’s restoration. The car was dark blue over old english white with a registration number of NEL 576, body number 20235, as taken from behind the dash. It was bought from the previous owner in Ringwood and taken over to Germany. I understand that the car is back in the UK but while Red Triangle “recognise” the car, the new GDRP laws restrict them letting me know….
    Anyway, loads of stories about the car, it’s restoration, photos and the running in trip to Le Mans should the new owner wish to see them….

  3. I have a Firebird Holbrook saloon I am to selling. Is there anyone interested in keeping it as a saloon rather than making it into a tourer.

  4. I think you already know about her, but I have the ex-John Forbes Proctor TF21 FHC, currently running and under restoration here in Melbourne,
    Australia – chassis 27412.

    Kind regards, Richard Tonkin.

  5. p.s. The chassis number of AS 3100 , if that helps, is 26100. She was originally a very dark blue with grey upholstery, and I think the overall design was as near perfection as humanly possible. Almost up there as a design concept with the Spitfire, which had the additional ability to fly. (The Alvis nearly could!)

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