2019 – how did we do?

Once again we have had more than 20,000 visitors to the site in 2019 and this is where you were from…                                ….and this is what you looked at…                                 The Fourteen site also had visitors..                                …as did the 4.3 siteSo, although this gives us a good idea what you like would you be so kind as to let us know what you would like to read about in 2020? Just leave us your thoughts in the reply box below.

Happy New Year!


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Driving Alvis cars since 1964 and the website since 2012

10 thoughts on “2019 – how did we do?”

  1. … and did you see Alvises in the new docudrama on Christine Keeler on BBC1.  I don’t know if John Profumo had a TD21 in real life but he is driving one on TV.  And the Russian Naval Attche was seen with a Grey Lady (I think) at Cliveden.

    Hugh Stirling

      1. Knowing his son David, I have also been watching the series in between the TV packing up (so I missed the Grey Lady).

        But I saw the TD21 Series One.

        In real life I believe John Profumo drove a Jaguar S Type (and possibly a Mark II previously). His wife is pictured with an S Type in what looks like the Ascot car park at around that time.

        As ever,

      2. It looked like a TD MK 2,
        Jeremy Drew.
        And it was a Grey lady DHC with
        The bonnet air scoops..

  2. Well done!

    As a TE21 and former TF21 owner that is where my primary interest is.

    But anything Alvis is interesting!


  3. I echo Mark – anything Alvis is interesting. Having had three with my late husband (a 1949 TA 14 and a TD21 saloon as well as the gorgeous TD21 Ser.1 Park Ward auto. drophead) I find that I can hold my own with any petrolhead I encounter. (A couple of days ago that was in a car park where I met a newish Aston Martin – I would have preferred to meet a DB5 but we must be grateful for small mercies – and the driver and his mate said how impressed they were to meet a woman who could talk cars. A bit patronising, but hey! – just keep the info. coming! My current steed is a little Mazda, but I’m not sure I’d be safe in charge of three litres of Alvis at my age……….. and my memories are wonderful.

  4. Looking at BBC iplayer, Jack Profumo is driving a blue Series II TD21, registration number 3969 VT, with a beige interior.

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