The Speed 25 Charlesworth Saloon

Of the 391 Speed 25 models produced from 1936-40 the majority were Charlesworth saloons. Writing in 2002, George Butlin said over one half of the total production survived and that 151 retained their original coachwork, with the remainder becoming specials or rebodied as tourers or drophead coupes. A few Charlesworth saloons have changed custodians recently and one now lives close to Bowcliffe.

14569 ETV 550 Daniel Hardy (left) with his father Trevor (a TA14 owner for 60 years) with Daniel’s new Speed 25.
14569 Speed 25 ETV 550 at Alvis Day 1965, Crystal Palace (ES photo)


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10 thoughts on “The Speed 25 Charlesworth Saloon”

  1. Congratulations,great to see it revived from that damp auction garage.i was a hopeful participant on the telephone,misjudged the condition, which I assumed was much glad it’s not going to be chopped to a Feau d h c … worst fear ..well done…Adam…

  2. Hi 14636 14613 DVC 581 7166 Charlesworth Saloon 1939 , Was sold on an Brightwell Auction in september 2016. I think it ended up in the Neterlands. Yours truly Ronny Sweden

  3. John Lang (11410) AUS owns chassis 14668. SC Charlesworth saloon. Registered new in AUS. number not recorded.

  4. George Jacklin used to have a Charlesworth saloon. 20 or 25 I know not. Lived Lincoln Road, Peterborough.
    His son Michael had a 12/50, as I remember, and lived in Lincolnshire.

      1. Edwin Groen bought the Alvis on a whim and owned her for a few months. He is the founder/owner of the Citroën 2CV Museum in NL, over 300 cars. For an impression:
        The is an almost immeasurable difference between a Citroën 2CV and an Alvis Speed 25 Saloon. I can tell, as a young student I have owned several 2CV’s for budget reasons.

  5. Thank you for this interesting post. Last year, when given a copy of the Club’s membership list for April 2007, I found in it 26 Charlesworth SB saloons and 30 Charlesworth SC saloons. Your list contains five that were not in that 2007 list, plus two which in 2007 were already recorded as having been converted to Tourers. One registration has been transferred from a Speed 25 to a different Alvis model, which may account for one of your extra five. Happy to send you a copy of my file if of sufficient interest. I imagine George Butlin’s records are far more comprehensive.

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