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Last Week at Bowcliffe we received a file of clippings and photos from a fellow transport enthusiast who, like us, is tidying up years of collecting stuff and finding items long forgotten. So to relieve the boredom, here are some of the more interesting ones which you might be able to help identify.Now Bluebell, as LUM was christened, resides with Ron’s grandson Simon who has created The Motorist and has added more Alvis to his collection. Bluebell is a rare car with only about 80 Tickfords built on the Fourteen chassis. Tickford then made 300 on the TA21 chassis, 19 on the TC chassis and 81 TC21/100s before being consumed by Aston Martin Lagonda.

An even rarer Fourteen is this….

Continuing the four cylinder theme, where is this 12/60 now?Following the display if his Speed 25 at the RAC, Edmund Waterhouse has written about its history – The Story of 13668

This 1973 article from Motor Sport is also a good read..

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7 thoughts on “Working from home in isolation”

  1. Fabulous to read those articles on Ron Spinks’s Alvis TA14, I have not seen those before and it is of particular interest as I am Ron’s grandson Simon.
    The car Bluebell is just having a full going over at the Motorist and we have found it to be in perfect mechanical condition. I am going to have the car resprayed as Ron was never happy with a respray he had. The colour was bot correctly matched, I can now fix this as there is some original overspray on the underside of the bonnet.
    Interior will be left as is in patenered condition. Couple of bits of rechromeing an we will be back in business.
    I also have a very tatty TA14 that I bought for spares called rusty. It had been outside for decades under tarp and looked like that Bugatti they found in a lake. I decided to restore it mechanically but not the body, I have kept this in barn find condition. It drives extremely well and gets more looks and comments than any other car I own.
    I do think the TA14 is one of the beat Alvis’s to drive. I should know I have one or two from every era. A very underrated car.
    I am looking forward to getting Bluebell back on the road and out there this Summer.

    1. Wonderfull indeed to read those articles on Ron Spinks’s Bluebell. We have met Ron several times in the eighties when my brother Martin and I came over from Holland to visit several Alvis events in England. My brothers black TA14 Dhc cought his attention and it always was a joy to speek with him. We remember him as a very enthusiastic and energetic man.
      We are happy to know that Bluebell appears to be in very good hands and will soon continue its good life.
      We also like the idea of giving beloved cars a nickname. So we called our first Alvis, a red TA14 saloon, “Sally” (formerly owned by Wilfred Powell from Filey near Whitby.). Martins black TA14 Dhc is called “Droppie” which is Dutch for black licorice, and my TB21 is called “Toby”.
      Sally was never really restored and is mechanically still in good condition, but was put to rest some three years ago because of the body needing much attention (Others called her “Doffie” which is a word for something very matt). The paint has lost all its shine and is cracked. A restoration of the TA14 Dhc was started some 25 years ago, but unfortunately came to a halt due to a house move. She is still waiting to be finished. So still lots to do.
      Good luck with your work on Bluebell, we may see here again in near future!

      Paul and Martin van der Velde
      The Netherlands

  2. The Alvis 12/60 GG 8018 ( TL 12/60 1932 ) is still owned by Mr C Windsor (bought it in 1995 ) as per the details in the current Alvis Register membership list.

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