April Bulletin

Fifty years ago this fell through the letterbox of AOC members. To read the whole issue download 199 April 1970.

If you enjoy reading the 1970 Bulletin here is one from April 1980 .

You will also find plenty of good reading on www.alvis14.com.

These photos of 20853 came from Duncan Price . It was delivered to Kennings on 23rd January 1947.

20853 14 LNU 743 (3)20853 14 LNU 743 (2)20853 14 LNU 743 (1) 20853 14 LNU 743 (4)

These photos came from Karl Hardaker to Wayne Brooks of a snuff bottle. Can anyone translate please?snuff 4.3snuff bottle


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6 thoughts on “April Bulletin”

  1. This Snuff bottle is actually painted on the inside, just how they do it so well is amazing! I would like to get in touch with the present owner of this car if he/she is interested in it.
    Ian Hardaker

    1. Sent it to a Chinese friend and he translated it: “It was made in autumn, 2000 by Wang Xiao in Hengshui (a city in Hebei Province)”

  2. saw shocking green TD21 dhc reg DE 158 6 parked outside the Lowman museum in the Hague last October when I visited with the car club section of my Livery Company. The only Alvis there so well done the owner.

    1. Dear Richard,
      Thank you for your compliment, much appreciated. Actually DE-15-86 is my green Alvis TE 21 DHC, since 1987 in the family.
      As it happens, I am the Dutch Overseas Representative of the AOC.
      Coen van der Weiden – 5745NL

      1. Thank you Coen, I never thought any body would reply. What a fantastic museum, you were parked next to a blue Austin Healey I think. Sorry about my colour description but brave. I remembered the colour from Brooklands International in 2012; must have been you. I have had ten Alvis’s in ten years all post war, restored five to concours. The Marque is in my blood.
        My best wishes to you, Richard

  3. My Neighbour has said that the writing in ancient Mandarin, but cannot read it. Maybe a Chinese Embassy could assist or a teach for mandarin?
    Clive Taylor – Tauranga, N. Z. AOC 5058 NZ

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