Motor 100

When the Century of World Motoring was celebrated at Silverstone in 1985, Alvis were there in force.The moment I remember most vividly of this display was when Mike Smith asked for some information on the Grey Lady so he could so a piece to camera. He listened and looked and then without hesitation, in one take, did a superb description of the car to camera. A true professional.

In this year of the centenary of the first Alvis car, it is also fifty years since the death of Hermann Graber. It was he who was largely instrumental in extending the then life of Alvis car production of 35 years by a further 12 years.

35 years ago we took some twenty or so Alvis to visit Wichtrach where Graber had lived and built his cars. A new page which includes the contemporary report and previously unpublished photos is now available – click 1985 Swiss Tour

A TA21 radiator assembly seeks a new home, currently in Scotland…….leave a reply if you are interested.


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8 thoughts on “Motor 100”

  1. I was there in my 1924 Alvis 12/50 Ducks Back XW 5448 but on the VSCC stand. I had finished its rebuild the previous year. One memory is on the set up day when Patrick Lindsay beat up the display area in his Spitfire at low level and high speed. He flew it with a bit more vim than people do today. We also had parade laps of the circuit which were fun. I still have the car and it is still going strong.

    1. Hi, Ian. Did you ever come across Michael Jacklin? He had a 12/50, either Duck’s Back or Beetle Back, which I never actually saw. He was instrumental in me picking up a Grey Lady in Louth from a business which had gone bust in 1966.
      Rod Garratt ( car 25183)

      1. Unfortunately the name doesn’t ring a bell. I was living in Hertfordshire at the time of Motor 100 although the body of my car was built and trimmed in Lincolnshire by a friend of mine. My rebuild of the car was published in The Automobile in August 1985.

      2. Mike’s daughter and son in law now have his 12/50 and live near Louth. The last I heard was Mike in a nursing home. I used to meet him at The Three Horseshoes in Goulceby for the Noggin and Natter in the late 60s. I last saw him a few years ago in the Petwood Concours.

  2. Good morning. I went through that post with interest particularly as I identified the participation of E.Sayer with his TD21 DHC. I am now the owner of the car. Would anybody have some pictures or literature about that car during that event? Thanks a lot for your feedback.

      1. than you very much for the info. I would like to make a single pdf of the complete article 1991 Tour. Not easy from the web page as you have to copy image by image. Are you able to make that for me in a simple manner for you? thanks for your feedback.

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