Iron Lungs

The application of engineering in medicine, with echoes for today, is told in a prelude to Adrian Padfield’s forthcoming book:
Coventry, Alvis and the Iron Lung’, ‘A Biography of Captain GT Smith-Clarke’.

As a retired anaesthetist, Adrian has also been fascinated by Smith-Clarke’s work in medicine and other scientific fields and has researched our files at Bowcliffe for material. This short history of Cape Engineering which was established and run by ex-Alvis employees includes our Life Member “Young Ron“, Ron Walton.

The Alvis link extends further with 3-litre owner Dr. Geoffrey Spencer who wrote about his experiences in 1999. This is also reproduced and now available to read here.

25525 PGH 311 formerly owned by Geoffrey Spencer

The build records for the Alvis 3-litre TC series have found their way back to the archives and an updated register is being compiled with the first output now available on  TC Series.

If you own, or have owned a TC21, TC21/100 saloon or Tickford drophead do please click UPDATE YOUR DETAILS   and fill in as much information as you can, even it is just a registration number.

We were saddened to learn that our Life Member Albert Ainsworth died in York on 6th June after a short illness at the age of 91. He and his late wife Betty were frequent visitors to Alvis events and Albert made several visits to Bowcliffe.

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