While the future of Alvis motoring has long been of concern because of changing legislation and fuel supply, the FBHVC continues to be a voice supporting the continued use of cherished cars. In this quest, here is a message from Paul Chasney, the Federation’s Director of Research:

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It was confirmed this week that the Alvis Centenary event at the Goodwood Revival has been postponed until 2021.

Stuart Nell in his Speed 20 Charlesworth dhc on the 2005 Swiss Tour

We are sad to report the loss of another Friend to cancer.

Stuart Nell has died in Nottingham Hospital at the age of 65.

A former AOC Treasurer and great enthusiast for British cars, MG, Daimler, Wolseley and two fine Alvis, a Speed 20SC Charlesworth dhc and a TE 21 saloon, he took part in many events over nearly twenty years. He leaves two brothers.

We have previously published articles about the Harvey Memorial event in 1998.

Further articles have now been added – click Major Harvey


Eighty years ago car production had stopped in the UK and the motoring press had to look back at what was then available. A new page looks back at some of the articles published by Autocar in the war years.

The first two cover the 12/50 and Speed 20. Click on 1940s


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4 thoughts on “News”

  1. Thank you for the video from Paul Chesney. Quite useless , the sound is so bad I cannot hear what he is saying

  2. The video from Paul Chesney was informative and welcome. I will be taking place in the survey. The sound quality was perfect. Not sure why others are having issues.

  3. I have completed the Historic Vehicle form for some of my cars and it is an interesting catalyst to a couple of questions that I would like to ask those more knowledgeable. Firstly I don’t think that my two cars that live in Sardinia count as overseas touring but I am, after having kept them here for five years or so, am interested in what the FHBC might think of the possibility of me continuing to keep them in Sardina after Brexit (they are British registered cars). I would also welcome a debate on oils and appropriate oils for cars kept and driven in temperatures between 30 and 35c degreees. I currrently use Penrite Shelsley Light in my TA14 DHC and Castrol XL in my Tickford bodied TA21 DHC. Both cars I had small modifications to both before driving to Sardinia and so far touch wood they have both performed excellently. The TA14 is extremely at home on some of the still unmade roads and I think it really believes it is back in the 1940’s, a rejuvinating experience for the car, my family and guests! Rod driven drum breaks leave one less thing to worry about. The TA21 is a fantastic longer distance vehicle. Both cars have suffered severely from ethonol introduced in our area in Sardinia only last year and now I make sure to run every fill with Frosts Ethomix which seems to have solved the problem with E5 as the pumps are labelled but I wonder in reality if I am getting E7.5??
    The Bristol Owners Club has recently had some fascinating discussions regarding different types of oil, both traditional and modern and I really would welcome any possible discussion that could be held with the Archive Trust to help me decide whether I will change my tried and test formulas upon the next oil change. All the best

  4. Subsequent to my previous post and others, I have now watched our FBHVC representative’s recording. Malcolm seems to have had a facelift! The thing that came across most clearly from this video was horrific and this is the defeatist statement which states ‘more environmentally friendly vehicles’. It is a complete falicy to think that a modern electric car is more environmentally friendly than an Alvis. Alvis’ were well built and take little maintenance, many owners replacing worn out parts with preowned parts therefore not destroying the environment in the creation of many new parts. A new car has to be constructed with the Earth’s precious resources and when it comes to battery cars, the rare earths are being drawn from many sacred sites in Tibet by the Chinese. Once these batteries have been created their life span is realistically 3-5 years even though manufacturers claim 7 and the disposal of these batteries is going to cause a problem, second only to nuclear waste. Britain sleepwalked blindly into legislation from Europe that sold everybody diesel cars. Many knew that this would lead to the poisoning of our cities. We are now being sold the lie that suggests that these new short life vehicles are totally environmentally friendly. Whereas they are definitely less deadly than the diesel particulates and emissions, long term they are no more environmentally friendly than an Alvis TE21, something I have pleasure in driving daily in the summer months, into and out of London on occasion. Please please can the FBHVC stop using the phrase, ‘more environmentally friendly’. It seems a sign of omission that our old vehicles are not environmentally friendly and therefore surely accept defeat in what they are trying to achieve. Sorry if this seems like a bit of a rant but I think it is important that we don’t all just give in. All the best Adam

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