Photo library additions

Following the last post of Alvis success in Switzerland we received a further hundred or so photos from Arie Wubben who clearly has an eye for detail in his subjects. Some of these photos have been added to the page Swiss Meetings.

This one captures the unique roof line of this Graber:

25936 – 1957 TC108G Graber coupe – photo Arie Wubben

Another Graber entered its first National U.S. Concours, Radnor Hunt, and won first place in their “Debutante” class – cars shown for the first time at a major concours –

1961 TD21 Graber super coupe 26605, photo Ken Swanston

A downloadable Register of TD21s as they left the factory has been added to the page TD21 : 1958-1963

In the UK, Pre-War Prescott attracted some thirty cars and these photos from Edmund Waterhouse give a taste of the event

13644 – 1937 4.3 litre Cross & Ellis Tourer
14386 – 1937 Speed 25 Charlesworth Dhc
1939 12/70 Mulliners; 1937 Speed 25; 1953 TA21 Tickford
1932 Speed 20 SA Cross & Ellis KY 5089
1927 12/50; 1930 Silver Eagle; 1937 Speed 25 Charlesworth

Meanwhile the September Diners at Bowcliffe joined the usual car park.

We were also able to test drive our “new” Standard 8 Projector kindly donated by Norman Silk so we can view our old films.

If you have any Standard 8mm films that need converting to digital technology, we can now help!

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