19 thoughts on “The 2021 Alvis”

    1. A DHC for special occasions. Mr Earlin, you may be interested to know that 231 EXN is alive and very well in London and just undergoing a winter refresh!

  1. Great profile, but the rear looks too flat, and the round tail lights looks as a Citroen Ami 6 !…a bit cheap..
    In the interior, no armrest between the rear seats ?…what a shame !…The rear headrest should have been on the same drawing as the front ones : not with this half round shape that looks too modern…The air vents of the front places and the heater controls look very cheap and common plastic : what a shame ! it contrasts too much with the classic and elegant dash board… also for th electric windows controls : very common, very cheap !
    Visible electric wire mess on the side of the console : not very serious !
    Very amazing that all those details have been failed…This seems really to have been bungled !
    What a shame, as the car looks great, on front and profile !

    1. If you don’t like the rear end of the 1965-7 Graber design you can order yours with an earlier design. You can also order whatever interior detailing you require – it is custom built.

      1. Thank you for this important precision : that’s great and very smart ;-)…Unfortunatly, very few of us could afford such an invest ! 😉

    1. No John, it’s not in envy : I own a TE 21 FHC from 1965, with chrome wire wheels, power steering, auto gear box and Webasto sliding roof ;-)…I only dream of a convertible version 🙂

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