Fireflies exposed

Two Cross & Ellis Firefly tourers are in the news at the moment – the March 2022 edition of The Automobile carries a four page article ( p 70-73 ) about AOF 777 and next Sunday Silverstone Auctions include AXA 580 which featured in the March 1997 edition of The Bulletin twenty five years ago

A recent visit from André Hillebrand – Secretaris Alvis Owner Club Nederland – prompted some research into a model that was introduced and then quietly mutated into another one. The Firefly 12 was supplemented by the Firefly 16 by fitting a six cylinder engine and duly announced in the press and road tested as the Sixteen.

Note the Firefly mascot, listed as an accessory.

Then it quietly became regarded as a Silver Eagle model. All this is already well documented in Simon Fisher’s excellent book “The Firefly” which is a fine example of Model Register with almost everything you need to know – and available from the AOC on line shop, first published in 2007 in A4 format on quality paper.

Gerard Brands and André Hillebrand in the Drivers Club at Bowcliffe

André brought some albums and brochures he has collected for a book he is writing for the 40th Anniverary of the Dutch club this year and we were able to show him the original photo albums we keep and other Firefly photos.

chassis 11106 from the Alvis Archive collection

His own Firefly, owned since 1973 is under restoration….

chassis 10777

He also has this photo …

10403 SA Firefly 1933 C&E Sports Saloon – “I got this about 25 years ago from the son of the owner who had just passed away. I got in touch with him because I bought spare parts for my Firefly from him. According to the son the Alvis was in very bad condition, and has been scrapped.

More photos are on Firefly

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2 thoughts on “Fireflies exposed”

  1. Couldn’t add a like to the FireFly posting (not on facebook or twitter) So here’s an Absolutely Fabulous and thanks for the pictorial history of the much underrated little Alvi.

  2. Just a short missive to say that AOF 777 used to belong to a mate of mine, Alan Flack, now 92 and living in Okehampton, Devon. Alan was an A.O.C. member for many years, owned many cars including at least seven Alvises, and it was he who sold the car to its next owner in 1959! I obtained the “Automobile” for him, and he was thrilled to bits to see his erstwhile car, restored so sweetly. Apparently he bought the car, twenty-five years old, “ for fifty quid, and sold it for £34 ponds ten”. A keen Rugby player at the time, the car was driven to matches, and afterward to the pub, he says. I have encouraged him to write to “The Automobile”, so we shall see what develops. Thanks, as always, for your very welcome e-mails; We and JOF 198 in good health. Best Wishes, Dave

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