The results are in

After three days of exposure at the NEC Practical Classics Restoration Show, over 500 votes were cast as to whether Betsy should be preserved or restored.

The interior was restored probably sixty years ago, the leather still in good condition

A number of 12/50 owners came and had a chat including one looking for an original saloon body to mount on the chassis he owns.

How many 12/50s have Marchal headlamps?

The voting was consistent over the three days – for every one who wanted to restore the car to as new, three wanted to preserve it as it is.

Ready for Drive-It Day

For the opportunity to buy something to restore there are three TA14 Mulliners up for auction in Goole on 26th March – details on

The TA14 in the NEC sale KLE 19 on Saturday sold for £9,900.

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