News from Bowcliffe

Our regular monthly lunch meetings have continued throughout the year and July saw “Betsy” make an appearance after media exposure from the NEC Restoration show, looking rather smart on newly painted wheels and new tyres.

8677 12/50 Cross & Ellis – “Betsy” on the road again with the Blackburn replica plane at Bowcliffe
Betsy ready for take off

Sadly, we had previously missed a visit to the Drivers Club from Lex Westoby who was belatedly celebrating the Alvis Centenary by travelling the world from New Zealand and presenting trophies to various people. He left one with the Drivers Club for the Trust and it is now on display in our archive cabinet.

A new addition to the trophy cabinet from Lex Westoby (left)
The International trophy collection from Australia, New Zealand, Austria and the Netherlands

Lex wrote “I’m still in Europe, and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to explain the trophy I left with you. My original plan was to go to as many Alvis Centenary celebrations as possible. First the Australian event in Albury, Then the New Zealand event in April. then cross over to UK for the International Event, travel on to The Crossing Borders event in The Netherlands and maybe stopping in USA on the way home. Sounds great, almost all was booked and paid for, but then after the Australian event Covid struck. In New Zealand we had a delayed event and I missed the opportunity to come over the Europe for their events.

My own personal effort for the Alvis Centenary was to make 100 Trophies like the one you now have, and to present or gift them to Alvis owners at each event I went to, i.e. one for each group of cars, Vintage, Post vintage and post 60 vintage, and also to the club or organization hosting the event.

I have now presented 100 trophies around the world. 4 in Australia, 4 in UK including the one you have, 4 in Europe at the Crossing Borders event, and the remainder in New Zealand for all the entrants in the event there. I hope you enjoy it, and I enjoy all your articles.”

Thank you Lex, a surprisingly weighty piece!

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4 thoughts on “News from Bowcliffe”

  1. Thank you and I would like to keep receiving Alvis Archive material. The Club has been informed of a change of e-mail address for me and confirmed they have received it but it does not appear to have got through to you! My old address was hacked and resulted in scam letters being sent to members of my contact list. You will appreciate that I do not want to put my new address on the old Account, but as I said the Club does know it. Kind regards. Paul. AOC 4649.

    Sent from Mail for Windows

    1. Paul, to register your new address please click the SIGN UP button on the website and follow the instructions. I can then delete your hotmail address. We don’t automatically get notified by the AOC of changes in members’ details.

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