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The Alvis Archive performs the function of automotive archaeologists (automobile, aeronautical and armoured vehicles) and as far as Alvis products are concerned. We use information gathered over a hundred years from factory and public records supplemented by histories provided by owners. The flow of information is continuous. We welcome donations of period photos, offer a service to digitise your photo collection, including slides and negatives, and will offer to purchase photo collections.

Recent photos submitted of cars have filled some gaps in the records.

Speed 25 Charlesworth Dhc

A contact on the 4.3 website sent in this photo.

“Please find attached a photo of the car and the registration number appears to be DTU 11. The owner of the car was a man called Charles Horton. If you can confirm the likely age of the car I can probably locate his address at that time.

Kind regards


Wayne responded:

I had to tell her DTU 11 is not a 4.3.  It is a Speed 25 Charlesworth Drophead. I show only four Speed 25 dropheads without registrations 13676, 13684, 13691 and 14554. DTU was issued by Cheshire circa March to June 1937.

13676 was despatched to Watson’s of Liverpool on 31 March 1937.

I asked Dave’s opinion.  He responded:

“Another gap filled, Wayne.   I have no doubt whatsoever that this car is 13676. It went to the Liverpool agent, Watsons, 31st March 1937, who sold it to a Harry Roy Yorke, who resided at Oakfield House, Stapeley, Nantwich, Cheshire. Nice photo too !    Strange however that this car did not surface during my search of the Cheshire County Records. However some of these omit the make, but there will certainly be a ledger entry for the mark at C.R.O. ( Chester )”

Chris Taylor also identified this car.

“This research was carried out as a response to an appeal on social media by DJC, Mick Fletcher and myself have been busy identifying this car.

We are now completely satisfied it is an SB Speed 20 sold through Folletts, coachwork by Vanden Plas as shown on Page 179 in Smiths book. They must be one and the same car as there was only one pillarless saloon built by VDP on the SB chassis. The registration is definitely AYM 885 (DJC confirms this fits exactly datewise) and the chassis number is 11229.

By sheer coincidence it turns out that it is the very car Ian Fletcher is restoring  with matching engine and gearbox numbers but lost coachwork.  I supplied the chassis frame formerly Martin Sismey’s ‘spare’ for his car AYN17.

Ian Fletcher has been given an age related number for the car but I don’t know what that is. But at least we now know the original identity of the car.”

The survival of this late TD21 Series I was only confirmed by the current owner requesting help in obtaining a V5C. It is probably for sale.

If you haven’t visited lately there is a new post worth a read.

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7 thoughts on “Call the AA”

  1. Very interesting post.

    When I looked up the name „Selwyn Howle“ in Newcastle under Lyme from the records I got with my SP25 14419 a couple of years ago I found out that Google actually had a phone number. It turned out to be Selwyn Howle jr. the first son of the original owner, himself now well in his 80s who not only remembered the car from when he was a boy but gave me a photo from 1937 showing his father with the car. The registration was (and still is) FRE 478. We then drove through Newcastle where he and his brother still live in their fathers old Alvis.

    Maybe you can use the photos for the Archive.




  2. All fascinating, but who amongst the archivists names is Dave , presumably the same as D.J.C. ?
    His records really impress !
    Richard Mitchell.

      1. Thank you for that but there must be many in the Club who do not know who D.J.C. is, please tell us his name and then members can if they wish write to or email him. Kind regards, Richard .

      2. Thank you . The Archivists’ names can be of use to all members and as the A.O.C. no longer issues a Membership List it is easy to lose the whole point of a club.
        I will forward some bits and pieces to Dave Culshaw and he will perhaps judge their worth.
        Kind regards ,

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