Grand Prix Alvis on show in Japan

The sole surviving Alvis Grand Prix racing car is set to mark its first public appearance in Chiba City, Japan at Automobile Council 2023, 96 years after its race debut at the 1927 Junior Car Club 200 Mile Race at Brooklands. The press release is See also

Tony Cox and his son Matthew at International Alvis Weekend with the 1926 Alvis Grand Prix car on the Red Triangle display. 31st August 2014.

A TD21 Series II drophead, not heard of since it was new, has emerged as one of over 200 cars up for auction in Holland – see – it is 26844, 5085 VC at 1:21 in the right corner of the screen.

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One thought on “Grand Prix Alvis on show in Japan”

  1. Very interesting, probably give Valentine a run for the money! I think Alvis are hoping Japan could be a good market for their continuation 4.3 tourers they are building. Weather for next Sunday looking good so far, fingers crossed.


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