NEC Classic Car Shows

Speed 25, 4.3 Continuation, 12/70, FWD, TC108G Willowbrook

The themes for 2017 are Family ties and Innovation. Although Alvis are frequently kept in the family for decades, the fact that all (well, nearly all, read on) Alvis cars are at least fifty years old it is tricky finding owners willing to display their cars. However, we have secured an excellent example that has been in the Wiggins family since the 1930s – a 12/70 saloon.

The other four exhibits represent innovation, with the 1920s front wheel drive, the 1930s Speed models with ifs and all synchro boxes, the 1950s with a Willowbrook 3-litre and the 2010s with the Continuation 4.3.

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NEC Classic Car Show – November 2014 – The Speed Models

The NEC Classic Car Show November 15-17, 2013

25505 1954 TC21/100
Graber Cabriolet 668
G V S 6 0 8 completed 7th April 1954
Delivered to Kambly of Trubschachen
with right hand drive
The Alvis stand at the NEC before the crowds arrived on November 15th

NEC Classic Car Show – November 2012

For the first time we manned a corner of the Alvis Owner Club stand in Hall 20 at the NEC. The theme this year was “Specials” and some fine examples of the special builder’s art were on show. Two of the current owners had built their cars but a pleasant surprise on Friday was a visitor to the AAT table who built another of the cars on the stand. He was Derek Baker who had worked for Peerless, Gordon Keeble and Key West and had built the Burns Special.

The Burns Special on the NEC AOC stand

The signage meant you could not miss your target.

Alongside the AOC stand was the Fisher Restoration stand which had three fine examples of Alvis including Bill Rankin’s 4.3 short chassis tourer ALV 15.

1966 Alvis TF21 coupe super by Graber on the MAC stand at the NEC 2012

Coventry Transport Museum showed a red TB14 in unrestored condition.

The Midland Automobile Club showed Alan Stote’s TF21 Graber coupe as it won their Concours this year.

Bulletin 503, page 32, describes our first NEC display in 2006;

Bulletin 509, page 36 for the 2007 show;

Bulletin 515, page 21 for 2008;

Bulletin 522, page 22, for 2009;

Bulletin 526 page 10 for 2010;

2010 NEC stand

Bulletins 532, page 10 and 533, page 8 for 2011

1929 Supercharged 4 cylinder Front Wheeled Drive Car No. 12064 Ch. No. 7275 Engine No. 7675 Reg: WK8047. First registered Jan 1929, to a Mr. R. Cecil in London. Uniquely fitted from new with Smiths auto searchlight type C270, extra long range fuel tank and non standard racing instruments; including Brooklands calibration tag. Poignantly as this picture was taken on Remembrance day, its last pre war owner, a Royal Naval Officer, placed the car in storage but never returned for it. The car was barn stored until the 1960s when it was restored and is considered to be one of the most original FWD cars.
The Club’s 2011 stand in Hall 5 fronted by Vic Allen’s 1927 12/50 TG Cross and Ellis Narrow Sports shown in its original colour scheme of green & grey.